When the Stars Align: The Australian Open

We planned the general basis of our RTW trip a long time ago. We booked all of our long flights between regions, leaving the smaller flights to book later. Our route was determined by a combination of places we knew we wanted to go, and places we could get to by taking advantage of an award chart sweet spot.

By fluke chance, we ended up in Melbourne during the Australian Open. I would not consider myself a massive tennis fan, but I do have very fond childhood memories of watching Wimbledon while growing up. One player in particular was always my favorite: Roger Federer. I had always wanted to see him play. Luckily, during this Australian Open, he was playing the tournament of his life.

The night before we left for Melbourne, I decided to purchase a ticket to see Roger Federer play in the quarterfinals against Mischa Zverev. I was ecstatic that I would finally be able to see him play. Instantly upon landing in Melbourne, I could feel how the city was energized by the Australian Open. There were people everyone wearing Australian open gear.

Soon enough it was time to head to the match!

The scene outside of Rod Laver Arena

I was one of the first people inside the arena. Realizing I had a bunch of time to kill, I decided to treat myself to an absurdly expensive beer.

Best beer ever (not really)

An hour or so later, the match began and soon after that, it was over. Roger Federer absolutely destroyed Mischa Zverev in 3 quick sets. I paid a ton for what amounted to an hour-long experience. I don’t regret a thing. It was an amazing experience that I’ve always wanted to do, and one that I’ll never forget. I can also say that I saw Federer play on the way to his 18th grand slam title!

This experience is one that happened by fluke chance of random events aligning in my favor. That is what made the experience even more special. Unexpected experiences are often more memorable than planned ones.

Roger Federer serving

Have you had any memorable experiences happen unexpectedly? Let me know!

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  1. Janice says: Reply

    Glad you took advantage of the wonderful opportunity!! My latest memorable experience that happened unexpectedly was seeing a leopard in a tree; happy you were there to snap a photo for proof! (shared in my guest blog post on Africa 😉 )

  2. Caren says: Reply

    Those kind of unexpected life experiences are priceless! A special memory you’ll have forever! Way to go!!

  3. Timo says: Reply

    Looks like an amazing experience! I have never been to Australia but I’d love to since I am a HUGE tennis fan 😛
    Seeing Roger changes people..are you a huge tennis fan now? 😀
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