What to Wear in Egypt

Heading to Egypt, but not sure what to wear? Want to be culturally sensitive, but comfortable? I had the same sentiments before heading to Egypt. Here’s what I wore in Cairo, which I think would work for pretty much all seasons.

Basic Guidelines

In general, if you pack will the following guidelines in mind, you’ll be good to go.

Nothing Revealing

Egypt is 90% Muslim. Out of respect to the people and their culture (and to avoid unwanted attention), make sure not to wear anything remotely revealing. This means covering your arms, legs, chest, and avoiding tight and clingy clothing.

In addition, most women cover their hair with scarves, so you will probably stand out if you do not cover your hair. That being said, I never wore a scarf over my head (because I felt more uncomfortable trying to wear a hijab when I’m not Muslim). Personally I think as a foreigner you will stand out no matter what, scarf or no scarf. To me, the most important thing is respect.


I expected Egypt to be suffocatingly hot at all times of the year. Boy, was I wrong! When we went in January, it was actually quite chilly. I was sort of cold at the end of the day in my long-sleeve shirt and pants! Make sure to pack a few layers so you’re prepared for all types of weather.

What I Wore


Lightweight from Zara: $25


Cami from Forever 21: $5

Longsleeve from Zara: $15

-I didn’t notice at the store, but it was actually pretty see-through. I’d recommend an opaque top.

Longsleeve from Lululemon

-This shirt has been my go-to in so many different circumstances. It’s lightweight, doesn’t wrinkle easily and dries quickly. Highly recommend!

Awkward hotel mirror pic? Don’t mind if I do


Sneakers from Target: $4

-Not only were these an insane deal, but they were the perfect shoes for this trip. They were decent looking and comfortable.


Hat from Target: $10

-Having a hat was incredibly practical for both sun protection and keeping the sun out of my eyes.


-A scarf helped me feel modest by covering up my neck and chest. Plus, it helped keep me warm when I (shockingly) got chilly in the afternoon.

Any questions about what to wear in Egypt? Have ideas for solo poses I should try out?

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  1. Caren says: Reply

    How thoughtful of you to dress respectfully for their culture. Your outfits all look adorable on you (on the entire trip, actually) and I especially love that hat on you!!

    1. Brittany says: Reply

      Thank you so much! 🙂

  2. what a refreshing content it is…really liked how you respect their cultural values…surprised to know about the weather conditions there..

    1. Brittany says: Reply

      Thank you so much! Yes, we were very surprised about the weather too.

  3. Egypt is known for its breathtaking beauty and its historical aspects. People from all across the world tend to visit the place with long weekends and plans. This is also a fact that people wish to see and wonder Egypt once in life and make good memories.

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