What We Miss Most about Home

It feels like we’ve been gone foreeeevverrrrr. While we are so, incredibly, indescribably grateful for all the new experiences we’ve had, there are some things about home that we really miss and are excited to enjoy in two weeks upon our return. Here are the things we are most looking forward to when we get home!

Chipotle (and Mexican food)

There’s one thing I’m sure of – the first thing I want to eat when I get back to the states is a massive burrito bowl with guac. Don’t get me wrong – we’ve had some incredibly delicious food along our travels. But while we’ve been able to eat pretty decent, authentic Italian food in some countries, despite our best efforts, we’ve yet to find a deliciously authentic Mexican restaurant. What I wouldn’t give for some Chipotle or authentic Mexican food…

Ordering Stuff (Online Shopping)

Instant gratification. Food. Amazon. Clothes. You name it, I miss ordering it and getting it delivered directly to my door.

Customer Service

Before I studied abroad in Australia (back in 2012), I had the totally naive idea that all countries had the same philosophies when it came to customer service. That philosophy was like that Burger King slogan – “Have it your way.” This is so not the case. I could give you many examples of when companies just did not care about customer service, but since that really wouldn’t be fun to read (or relive), you can just take my word for it.

The day we set off on our year-long journey!

One Sink Faucets

Why, oh why, did anyone think a sink with two faucets was a good idea? Seriously, I struggle to find any possible benefit you get from having one faucet for cold and one for hot. I thought it was just New Zealand that had this quirk, but no, it’s actually a thing in a lot of other places (like Cape Town, for example).


Sure, in most places, people seem to obey the concept of lines. And by a line, I mean a “queue” that you stand in so you know which person is next. But we’ve had the experience in some countries where people have absolutely no respect for lines, whether it’s tourists or locals. There have been times when I’ve waited for the bathroom only to be completely disregarded by as many as 4 people. It will be nice to be in a place where I’m certain people respect lines.

Grocery Store Selection

This one time, I got an intense chocolate chip cookie craving. It’d been sooo long since I’d have my favorite dessert in the world – fresh chocolate chip cookies. So I dragged Pete to the grocery store to buy the ingredients. After scowling the aisles, my heart sunk when I realized the unfathomable truth – that they didn’t have any chocolate chips. I know this is dramatic, but man, I miss the selection in our grocery stores at home. Other examples of sorely underrepresented items: peanut butter and tortilla chips.

Fast Internet

Speaks for itself. I cannot wait to have lightning fast internet (and I will NEVER EVER EVER take this for granted again!).

Unlimited Hot Coffee

I love how, in the U.S., you can just sit down and get unlimited mugs of steaming hot coffee…without even asking for a refill! Same goes for…

Free Water

Ice cold water, served the moment you sit down at a restaurant. For free. With free refills. Without even asking.

My lovely family sending Pete and I off with a delicious brunch!

Friends and Family

This should probably go without saying, but guys back home – we miss you. SO MUCH. For the vast majority of the past year, it’s literally just been Pete and me. Alone. 24/7. EVERY MINUTE, ALL DAY, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Needless to say, we’re super pumped to mix things up and socialize with other people. We can’t wait to squeeze all of you and catch up!

What do you miss the most about home when you’re abroad? If you haven’t traveled, what do you think you’d miss?

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  1. Caren says: Reply

    I will really appreciate all these things that I take for granted ~ especially the faucets. That must be SO inconvenient! Thanks!

    1. Brittany says: Reply

      Yes, they were! And after I published this post, I thought of a dozen other things I should’ve included 🙂 Will definitely never take them for granted again!

  2. Craig says: Reply

    these are good things to miss. I would surely miss my natural peanut butter on homemade wheat!! and of course pizza and my green smoothies. I remember when so many sinks had the double faucet – you are right – they don’t make much sense except for brushing your teeth. and sometimes it frustrating to have the constant temperature faucets today, where you cannot get a cold drink of water!!

    It will be interesting to see the how long the joy of these old familiar pleasures and conveniences will temper your desire to get back on the trail again! For now, maybe it will be kind of joyful to be settled back in the states. And we will love having you back and look forward to more great stories about your adventures. esp. Peru in the Amazon jungle!!

    1. Brittany says: Reply

      Yes, food is a big one 🙂 Although I won’t miss all the fresh food sans preservatives!
      It will certainly be interesting – I don’t think my travel bug is ever going away…but I’m so so excited to come back and see everyone! xoxo

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