Two Days in Oslo, Norway, a City I Couldn’t Quite Love

Oslo – one of the most expensive cities in the world. Sophisticated, gorgeous, and downright classy…so why was this city was a little hard to love? We only had two days in Oslo, so maybe we just didn’t have enough time to warm up to it.


Plus, I’m writing this post about 8 months after our visit, so it’s not exactly fresh in my memory. But I do remember that nothing about this city enthralled me, confused me, charmed me, or begged me to return. I’m not saying it was bad, it just wasn’t entirely captivating – and that’s probably why it’s taken me so long to write this post. Anyway… Here’s what I do remember about Oslo.

City views from the train

Gorgeous waterfront.

We really enjoyed walking along the waterfront, ogling at all the beautiful people. We even treated ourselves to dinner at one of those nice restaurants and pretended like we could afford it. This was definitely a redeeming factor of Oslo.


Even if you don’t seek out a list of must-sees, just walking around the city and surrounding neighborhoods was very entertaining.

statue oslo
Being super mature

If you are interested in some “must-sees,” here are some of the places we checked out.

The Royal Palace, which was fine, you know, as far as royal palaces go.

Back when we still carried a selfie stick… *shudders*

The Oslo Opera House is gorgeous and very central. We had fun people-watching here.


Plus, it has absolutely gorgeous views – especially during sunset!noa

We walked past this funky replica of Noah’s Ark, but didn’t go in…


But my favorite part, by far, was exploring the Vigeland Park (or is it Frogner Park? I’m really not sure of the difference…)


The park itself was, just like the rest of Scandinavia, clean, beautiful and orderly. So even if you don’t care about the sculptures, it’s a great place to just hang out or have a picnic.


There were so many sculptures that you could entertain yourself here for hours.

DSC00763 Plus, the walk there was very peaceful and took us through adorable neighborhoods.

Okay, so even just going through these photos made me warm a bit to Oslo. Bottom line – I’m not exactly dying to go back to this city since nothing really drew me in, but I wouldn’t be mad if I got another chance to visit.

What do you think of Oslo? Did we miss any main attractions? Have you ever been to a place that just didn’t click?

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