TravelBeet Monthly Recap: May 2017

I can’t believe I’m typing this, but…our year of endless traveling is over! This will be the last monthly recap of its kind for a while. But please don’t shed a tear – we’re going to continue blogging. We have tons to write about from this past year, and we are definitely not done with traveling. This blog is here to stay! That being said, here is how our last month of our year of travel went.


Iquitos, Peru: May 1-11

Cusco, Peru: May 11-21

Home (USA): May 21st-???

Favorite Places

Ummm…all of Peru. There literally wasn’t a place we disliked – we loved it all. From the smoggy, disconnected city of Iquitos to the Amazon river to the gorgeous, tourist town of Cusco and the ruins just outside, it was all magical.


Hiking the Inka Trail. We did the 4-day, 3-night classic Inka Trek to Machu Picchu and it was absolutely incredible. The views, the physical challenge, the ruins along the way…everything was magical. Post to come!

Amazon River tour. We did a 3-day, 2-night tour of the Amazon, spending two nights in a beautiful Amazon lodge. I’ll write about this one too!

Memorable Moments

Catching piranhas in the Amazon. Pete and I both caught some small piranhas using some sticks and fresh meat as bait – it was a blast!

Random parades in Cusco. I’m not sure why, but during our week in Cusco, there were always celebrations happening in the main plazas or parades coming down the streets. Someone told me it was the summer solstice?

Parade in Cusco

Our business class flight back to the States. Not because it was mind-blowing, but because we were flying back to the States!!


Not feelin so happy on the trail

Being out of shape and hiking the Inka trail. Truthfully, it wasn’t that bad – it could’ve been a lot worse, but we definitely huffed and puffed our way up to 14,000 feet. Plus, it was a lottttt of really early mornings.

Discovering that Machu Picchu was extremely touristy. It was a bit disappointing how many people were there.

Leaving Peru (for Brit). I really wanted to stay longer and explore more!

The Best Things We Ate

Brit: quinoa spinach burger and white chocolate souffle french toast from Cusco.

Pete: spicy bacon cheeseburger at Karma Cafe in Iquitos.

The Weirdest Things We Ate

Guinea pig (both of us) and alpaca steak (just Pete) in Cusco.

The Best Place We Stayed

Heliconia Lodge in the Amazon. It was gorgeous, had a pool, served delicious food, and our room was huge.

Song of the Month

We had a special song in our heads all month long. But it’s kind of weird. Ok…you ready? It’s We Know the Way. Yes – from Moana. We watched the movie and couldn’t stop singing this particular song from the soundtrack!

Most Popular Instagram Photo

Jumping for joy that we made it to Machu Picchu!

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