TravelBeet Monthly Recap: March 2017

This was the first month where we really slowed down – we only stayed in two places the entire time. While this probably means our monthly recap won’t be nearly as thrilling as it usual is (because it’s usually so exciting, right?…*clears throat*), this break from constant travel was pretty crucial to our mental health. It revived us, gave us a lot of much needed down time, and allowed us to get excited for the rest of our trip. We got to really explore Cape Town and topped it off with a pretty extravagant “vacation-from-our-vacation” in Mauritius. Plus (as you know if you’re a subscriber *wink*), we did a ton of work on the blog, which was really fun and gave us a sense of purpose!


Cape Town: Feb. 28-March 25

Mauritius: March 25-now

Favorite Places

In Cape Town, there really wasn’t much we didn’t like. We especially enjoyed the nature right at our doorstep – hikes and beaches were mere minutes away. Camps Bay was definitely one of our favorite places to hang out in Cape Town with its sophisticated, beachy vibe. Our favorite beach in Cape Town was Clifton’s 4th.

Mauritius has been everything we imagined it would be – and more. With incredibly friendly people, great weather, and perfect beaches, we are totally in love with this island. Plus, our resort (that we’re staying at on points) is ridiculous – more on that below.


Hiking Lions Head and Table Mountain. Both of these hikes were pretty grueling, but the views were more than worth the sweat.

Seeing friends in Cape Town. One of our friends from Epic was taking a school trip to Cape Town and it just so happened to line up with our itinerary! It was so nice to see a familiar face.

Outdoor concert in Kirstenbosch. It was really fun to bring a picnic and listen to some live music. It reminded us of “concerts on the square” in Madison.

Scuba diving in Mauritius. The dive was at one of the best sites we’ve ever dived (will anything ever beat Palau?). We got to see some cool (and massive) porcupine fish, turtles, juvenile emperor fish, and a ton of fire coral.


Climbing Lions Head. Yes, it was a highlight and a challenge. I totally didn’t think it would be as nerve-racking as it was. While Pete absolutely loved the scrambling part to get to the peak, I almost didn’t make it thanks to my fear of heights.

The wind in Cape Town. Nope, this isn’t a joke. There were a few nights when we literally did not sleep because wind kept us up all night. It was so strong that it sounded like thunder as it whipped into our windows.

The chocolate incident. On our last night in Cape Town, we decided to get a little crazy and ate chocolate bars in bed (yes, we are basically a retired old couple). When Pete broke off a piece of his bar, he didn’t realize that part of it crumbled off and dropped beneath the sheets. You can imagine my horror when we woke up and I saw Pete’s leg smothered in something brown…and my relief when we realized it was chocolate. However, it worse when we noticed that the chocolate had melted all over the white sheets and comforter. We spent our last hour in Cape Town scrubbing out the chocolate so our host didn’t think we had an *incident.*

When a bird pooped on my face. Speaks for itself.

Credit card fraud. Pete used two credit cards at a sketchy nightclub. Two days later, there were unauthorized charges on both of them. Luckily, he was able to contact the companies and get the charges immediately removed.

The Best Things We Ate

Oh, Cape Town. The land of incredible food and wine, all at a great price. The easier question to answer this month would probably be, what food didn’t we like this month? If we had to choose…

Pete’s favorites: Kingklip at Miller’s Thumb; pork belly at Black Sheep

My favorites: Deep fried goat cheese salad with roasted beetroot at Kloof Street House; marinated silverfish at Black Sheep, on top of a roasted red pepper, zucchini, chick pea salad.

Our favorite dishes at Black Sheep

For a list of our favorite restaurants in Cape Town, I’ll be publishing a post very soon!

The Best Place We Stayed

Our favorite accommodation during March was the Hilton Mauritius (the featured image of this post). While it was so nice to have an apartment in Cape Town, nothing can compete with a resort on a gorgeous beach, framed by mountains, with a free breakfast buffet and free watersports (including waterskiing and dolphin sighting…I mean, come on!).

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Other Posts Published

Hate to toot my own horn here (lol no I don’t), but we totally crushed it this month in terms of cranking out blog posts. Here are all the other posts we published this month!



Most Popular Instagram Photo

Notice a trend? People must really have a thing for camels!

Coming Up in April 2017

Here are our plans for April:

Mauritius: March 25th – April 6th

-We’re publishing this from Mauritius and still have another week here (woohoo!)

Buenos Aires, Argentina: April 7th-8th

Santiago, Chile: April 8th-16th

-We’re so excited for Pete’s parents to join us on our adventure!!

Mendoza, Argentina: April 16th-19th

Buenos Aires, Argentina: April 19th-25th

Iguazu Falls, Argentina: April 25th-28th

Lima, Peru: Apr 29th-May 1st

Blog Posts: You can expect more posts about South Africa, probably some more boring expenses posts, and some new material about South America (if we have time!). Hopefully we will also post a GoPro video or two!

Thanks for reading our monthly recap and following our adventure! Stay tuned for some big news about our site 🙂

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