TravelBeet Monthly Recap: April 2017

From east Africa to west South America, we had a lot going on in April! Here are some highlights and fun stories about our past month.


La Boca, Buenos Aires

Mauritius: March 25th-April 6th

Johannesburg, South Africa: April 6th-7th

Buenos Aires, Argentina: April 7th-8th

Santiago, Chile: April 8th-16th

Mendoza, Argentina: April 16th-19th

Buenos Aires, Argentina: April 19th-25th

Puerto Iguazu (Iguazu Falls), Argentina: April 25th-27th

Buenos Aires, Argentina: April 27th-28th

Lima, Peru: Apr 29th-May 1st

Favorite Places

Mauritius. Yep, this makes the list again. Sorry I haven’t written about it yet, but as soon as I get out of the depths of the Amazon, I promise I will!

Missin that Mauritian water already

Buenos Aires. I’d heard great things about the “Paris of South America” and it didn’t disappoint! The beautiful buildings, great coffee, plentiful parks, and diverse neighborhoods made this city great to explore.

Iguazu Falls. This whole area was absolutely breathtaking.


Scuba diving in Mauritius. This was one of our best dive sites yet! With warm water, great equipment, reasonable prices, and incredible underwater life, this was a great dive, and unfortunately the last of this trip 🙁

Catamaran cruise in Mauritius. On our last day in the country, we took a cruise along the southeast coast of Mauritius. The day started off iffy (see next section), but quickly turned into one of our best days yet!

Drinking terremotos in Santiago. We’ll write about our experience drinking these cocktails at La Piojera, a famous bar in the city center, in our post (coming soon) about Santiago. See most popular insta photo below.

Pete’s parents visiting. It was really nice to see them after 8ish months of being apart! We spent about two weeks with them – from Santiago to Mendoza to Buenos Aires.

Meeting up with a friend in Mendoza. Circumstances aligned perfectly to catch up with our friend Jon who’s been traveling around South America for the past 7 months.

Memorable Moments

When Pete stepped on a baby lizard. It was already dead on the floor of our hotel room in Mauritius, and we had been avoiding it all day (honestly, waiting for the cleaning staff to deal with it). But after a few hours, Pete forgot about it until we heard a crunching noise… 🙁

Getting poured on during the catamaran cruise. The night before the cruise, we looked at the weather and basically lost all hope for our cruise the next day. It was 100% chance of rain for the entire morning and afternoon. Despite sending positive vibes out to the universe before we went to sleep, the weather looked…not so great the next morning. Right after we set sail, we headed straight towards an ominous rain cloud. We got soaked for a few minutes before giving up and taking cover (thank goodness they had it!). 45 minutes later, we were met with gorgeous blue skies that lasted the rest of the day. Thank you universe!

Slightly threatening

Waiting in the tiny Iguazu airport. The airport only has two gates. Everyone was waiting in the area outside the gates, before security. I let out a little shriek when a butterfly flew right up in my face, which drew everyone’s attention to this beautiful butterfly…right until it landed on a man’s crotch. Pete and I could barely contain our giggles.


Not being able to speak Spanish. I’ve been using Duolingo for the past few months to get the basics down, but there have been some serious language barriers in South America. Hopefully my Spanish will improve during the next month!

Finding a restaurant in South America that’s open before 8pm. Seriously, no one eats dinner before that and lunch ends around 3 or 4.

Finding greens or any remotely healthy food in South America. It’s all starches and meats. Potatoes and beef, ham and cheese sandwiches…never thought I’d say this, but I’m ravenous for a delicious salad!

The Best Things We Ate

Probably the Thai food from Ginger Thai, the restaurant in our hotel in Mauritius.

The green curry was bombbbb

Okay, so South America doesn’t have our favorite cuisine. Not by a long shot. We did have a wonderful (and fancy-shmancy) lunch at El Enemigo, a vineyard in Mendoza.

Pete also really liked his ham & cheese sorrentino at Mamma Pasta, an adorable restaurant in Puerto Iguazu.

Pete’s amazing pasta on top; my gnocchi on the bottom

The Best Place We Stayed

We stayed at the Renaissance Santiago on points, with Pete’s parents, and it was gorgeous.

Song of the Month

New category, but I have one song that’s been stuck in my head for the better part of this month:

Vente Pa’ Ca by Ricky Martin

I heard it almost daily in Argentina and now I’m pretty obsessed with it! It will always remind me of Argentina 🙂

Most Popular Instagram Photo

Drinking terremotos at La Piojera!

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Coming Up in May 2017

Iquitos, Peru: May 1-11

Cusco, Peru: May 11-21

Home (USA): May 21st-???

AND THAT’S A WRAP!! It’s hard to believe we have less than one month left in our year-long adventure. It feels like we just left a few months ago. Stay tuned for some major changes to the blog over the next few months.

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