Train from Bergen to Oslo: Experience and Photo Essay

Sometimes traveling can be exhausting, especially our “travel days” – the days we pack our backpacks and schlep them to a new city. We were excited, however, to ride the train from Bergen to Oslo. It wasn’t just necessary transportation to our next destination – it was an experience in its own right. The train’s large windows and calm atmosphere made it a great way to view the natural beauty of Norway.

Our Train Experience

Buying train tickets online was a little bit of a hassle because their website wasn’t super functional. Pete struggled to make the purchase on his phone app and then on his laptop. No matter what, the website wouldn’t let him choose our seats. Since tickets are much cheaper when you buy online in advance than the day of, we eventually caved & bought the tickets without choosing our seats. We were surprised & happy to discover our seats were next to each other & facing forward! Halfway through the train ride, we moved to a “better window seat” when the conductor gave us the approval. This seat just had a less obstructed view and a table.
As Lonely Planet suggests, the train ride was pretty fabulous. With great seats, gorgeous views, free wifi, and even a decent bathroom, what more could you want from a train ride?


With the constant tunnels, the wifi connection was almost impossible to use. If you plan on blogging/writing, prepare an offline doc before hand, or make sure you’ll have access to one during the trip. This was especially important since I work from a Chromebook. I wasn’t prepared, so I improvised and used my offline gmail app that I luckily had downloaded beforehand.
From what we’ve seen & read, there really isn’t a “better” side to sit on. We got to experience both & slightly preferred the left. If you have trouble reserving a seat like we did, ask the conductor if you can have a different seat (once he/she checks your ticket).


Here are some photos we took of the train from Bergen to Oslo, Norway. They’re not the best quality since they were taken through the train windows, but hopefully they’ll give you a taste of the experience.
IMG_1067 IMG_1060 IMG_1057 IMG_1055 IMG_1050 IMG_1048 IMG_1042 IMG_1040 IMG_1036 IMG_1035 IMG_1033 IMG_1030 IMG_1028 IMG_1027 IMG_1026 IMG_1021
Have you taken a similarly beautiful train ride? Did you like this photo essay? We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Mary Ellen says: Reply

    Beautiful pictures. You would never know they are through a window.

    1. Brittany says: Reply

      Thank you! It helps that the windows, like the rest of the train, were extremely clean 🙂

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