Things We Found Amusing About New Zealand

In many ways, New Zealand felt very similar to our home in the U.S. This familiarity made the little differences stand out that much more. The little quirks about New Zealand made us fall even harder for their country. Here’s a quick post to share some of the things we found pretty entertaining about New Zealand!

The Size of the Cities/Towns

Looking at a map, we expected to drive through some fairly large cities, like Rotorua. Every “major” city was super small. Even the larger cities like Wellington and Queenstown were much smaller than we expected. We loved the smallness of the cities and also wondered why so few people live in this gorgeous country! (On second thought, we hope it stays this way and doesn’t get too crowded) This leads me to the next item…

The Tiny Population

New Zealand has a very small population – under 4.5 million people. There are about 7 sheep per every citizen, which won’t surprise you if you’ve ever driven through the country!

The Barefoot Phenomenon

They caught me taking this creepy picture of them…

Being barefoot is totally acceptable here, whether you’re in a grocery store or a rocky path off the highway (yep, we saw both of those examples and many more).

The Campervan Craze

Camper vans are literally everywhere you look. They’ve become the main means of transportation for tourists.

Random Signs On the Highways

Especially animal crossing signs

Picnic Stops Along the Highways

These are so adorable, and very convenient!

How the Locals Call Themselves Kiwis

Are they the only people who refer to themselves as the national bird? Not a rhetorical question…

Their Definition of an “Easy” Walk

We realized soon after arriving that we shouldn’t ask for a “challenging hike.” If the New Zealander says the hike is particularly hard or difficult, run.

Friendly Ducks

Just when we thought New Zealand couldn’t get any more friendly, we met the ducks of the South Island. They were everywhere, and they were pushy.

Separate Loaves of Bread for Sandwiches and Toast

Toast = thicker slices. Genius!

Sunny Rain

More than once, when we felt a light rain sprinkling down on us, we looked up and couldn’t see where it was coming from. Magic? I think so.

Sinks with Separate Faucets

So many of their sinks have separate spouts for hot and cold water, so you have the convenient option of scalding your left hand while numbing your right. (Why does this make any sense?)

What were some quirks you liked, or have heard, about New Zealand?

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  1. Will says: Reply

    Outlets that all individually get turned on. Roundabouts everywhere. “Tramping” instead of hiking. Glad yall liked your visit!

    1. Brittany says: Reply

      Yes!! Thank you so much for all the great advice you gave us 🙂

  2. Caren says: Reply

    Wow, New Zealand does sound like the best place on earth! You captured its beauty and it was fun to learn about some of its quirks! Now I know how awesome it will be for Timmy when he travels there in March!! Miss you and love you, Auntie Caren

    1. Brittany says: Reply

      It’s definitely maintaining its rank as one of my favorite places on earth! I’m so excited for Timmy 🙂 You should go there with him!!

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