T-Mobile Prepaid Dead & Another Option

My favorite manufactured spending tool has officially died. That tool is the T-Mobile Prepaid Visa Card. I used the card for years and year to help me net hundreds of thousands of points. It allowed me to earn points at a $0 cost, something you can rarely find.

While living in Madison I had easy access to buying Reloadit cards with a credit card. If you also have access to doing this you are probably looking for new options. I experimented with another prepaid card before I left. That card in the Paypal Prepaid Mastercard. If after reading the post and this card interests you please use the link above as It will net us both a free $5 when you load the card with $10.

Reloadit Card
Reloadit Card

This card, like the T-Mobile Prepaid Visa, can be loaded using Reloadit cards. Once you receive the card you must add it to your Reloadit safe and from there you can load the card. However, unlike the T-Mobile card, they will not refund you the $3.95 fee for purchasing the Reloadit card.

The most interesting fact about this card is that you get an account number and can add the account as an external account to one of your bank accounts. From there you can do a ACH pull to pull all of the money from your Paypal Prepaid account to your bank account. I have heard that doing this will most likely case Paypal to close your account, but this did not happen for me. I did a pull for a little under $2000 a few months ago and my account is still open. The maximum you can have in your Paypal Prepaid account is $5000. Maybe if I tried to pull closer to $5000 my account would have been closed. I will never know.


This could be a good option if you have some money in your Reloadit Safe or if you have access to buying Reloadit cards with a credit card. You do get charged a monthly fee of $4.95 as soon as you open your account. Your account may also be closed if you do an ACH pull. I would view this as being able to pay $4.95 for the ability to be able to liquidate up to $5000 worth of Reloadit cards. However, if you sign up using my referral link we will each get $5, which will pay the monthly fee for the first month!

What are you using for Reloadits now?

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