Superlatives Around the World

It’s been a little over a year since we set off on our year of traveling! We arrived home about a week ago and are beginning to enjoy all of things we missed. One thing we’re getting prepared for is an onslaught of questions – What was your favorite place? What’s your favorite memory? etc. So to prepare, to reflect, and just to have some fun, we created this post for superlatives around the world. Completely objective, obviously… 😉 We included links to a lot of our blog posts – they’ll open in new tabs. Hope you enjoy!


Best Beach

Brit: White Beach in Boracay, Malcapuya, both in the Philippines

Malcapuya Island, Philippines

Pete: Easter Island

Worst Beach

Cat Ba, Vietnam – although beautiful, the water was pee warm when we went in August

Best Scuba Diving

Blue Corner in Palau


Worst Scuba Diving

Gili Islands – unfortunately, the coral there has been pretty destroyed. We did get to see some turtles, though!

Most Impressive Wildlife

Uganda – especially the gorillas

Amazon River – piranhas, pink dolphins, sloths…

Best Hiking

Hiking in Abel Tasman, NZ

New Zealand

Worst Hiking

Cat Ba, Vietnam

Most Photogenic

New Zealand


Least Photogenic

Sihanoukville, Cambodia (this one’s slightly cheating since we only spent one night there)

Favorite Island

We can’t choose!

Mauritius, Africa

Moorea, French Polynesia

Gili Air, Lombok

Easter Island, Chile

Koh Tao, Thailand

Food and Drink

Best Food

Food in Koh Tao, Thailand

Greece & Thailand

Worst Food

Brit: Easter Island

Pete: Santiago

Favorite Dish

Pete: sweet & sour pork in Malapascua, Philippines

Craziest Things We Ate

Brit: Crickets in Vietnam

Crickets in Da Lat, Vietnam

Pete: Silkworms in Vietnam, Pork liver in Hong Kong, Sweetbread (chicken throat) in Mendoza

Best Red Wine

Stellenbosch & Mendoza

Best White Wine

Marlborough, New Zealand

Best Rosé


Best Craft Beer

Garage Project, Wellington, NZ

Our Pete-sized beer from Garage Project

Travel Qualities

Most Expensive


Least Expensive

Romania, Southeast Asia

Honorable mentions: Cape Town; Peru

Best Public Transportation


Nordic Countries, like this beautiful train ride


Worst Public Transportation

Vietnam – it’s such a large, long country, making it very difficult to traverse in general. The transportation situation doesn’t help – we stuck with sleeper buses, trains, and planes.

Most Likely to Return To

Pete: Palau (for scuba diving), Thailand, Africa

Brittany: Africa, Peru

Least Likely to Return To

Yap (not because we did’t like it, it’s just tiny and we saw everything)


Uganda, Pacific Islands

Favorite City


Europe: Budapest

Australia: Melbourne

Asia: Bangkok, Tokyo

Africa: Cape Town

South America: Cusco

Least Favorite City

Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Santiago, Chile

Most Lost in Translation



Travel Awards

Most Remote

Easter Island

Most Touristy


Least Touristy


Most Likely On Your Bucket List

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Easter Island

Giza, Egypt

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Machu Picchu, Peru

Most Likely You Have No Idea Where It Is



Most Overwhelming



Least Overwhelming

Australia & New Zealand

Most Underrated




Most Overrated

Santorini, Greece – mostly because we went in peak tourism season in the sweltering summer sun

Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia



Athens, Greece (in July!)





Easter Island





Cusco, Peru – it’s 4000 meters, or 11,150 feet!!


Perth, Australia

Cape Town, South Africa


Best Places We Stayed

Over-water bungalow in Moorea

Park Hyatt Vienna

Worst Place We Stayed

Campground in NZ where our tent was completely smothered by sandflies

Most Memorable Places We Stayed

Homestay in Ninh Binh

Queen Victoria National Park, Uganda – we could hear hippos grunting all night!

Bwindi Gorilla Lodge

Mountain Lodge near Bwindi



Etihad Apartment – from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi


Lombok to Bali

Most Luxurious

Pete flyin in style

Etihad Apartment

Least Luxurious

Cook Islands to Tahiti

Best First Class

Japan Airlines

Best Business Class

Singapore Airlines: from Singapore to Osaka (post to come!)

Worst Business Class

South African


Stand-Out Memories

Pete: Watching the sunset on Gili Air at Mowies, eating tuna sashimi and drinking cheap beer

Brit: The tuk tuk driver in Siem Reap

Strangest Day

Going to Universal Studios in Japan a few days before Halloween

Craziest Things We Did

Pete: bungee jump

Celebrate New Years Eve twice in one year

Rafted through hippo- and crocodile- infested waters

Biggest Healthcare Scare

When Pete got debris in his eye

If you think of anything else that would be fun to add just let us know!

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  1. Janice says: Reply

    Animal least likely to see on Safari that is supposed to be numerous! I LOVE your categories; loved that Gorilla Lodge… I was there for the hottest, and will be in the coldest in under a month 🙂 Looking so forward to seeing the more underrated destination; and have already started saving for the most expensive! SO NICE to have you back!! And looking forward to you sharing about your next adventure.

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