Stockholm Expenses

One of the main reasons we visited Stockholm was to visit Peter’s family: his aunt, uncle and cousins live in Stockholm, and his Grandma & Grandpa live on Rindo island (see more about visiting his family in this post). Peter’s family was beyond generous, so we had a lot less expenses than we predicted.

4 nights in Stockholm

Vete-Katten (cake, cinnamon bun, 2 coffees, 2 sandwiches): $28.90
Meatballs restaurant (2 beers, 2 entrees): $58.61
Treats (bag of candy & 2 ice cream bars) from the train station: $4.57
Caffetteria del corso (coffees, croissant sandwiches): $13.08
Second breakfast (bagel & coffee) at Espresso house: $8.48
Ferry/steamboat to Pete’s Grandparents: $18.16
Coffee on the ferry (mostly to warm our hands): $3.03
Breakfast at Snickarbacken: $46.44
Ticket for train & bus to visit Pete’s aunt/uncle/cousins in Spanga: $8.66
Train ticket from hotel to airport: $36.28
Total: $226.21
Total per person, per day: $28.28

Things to Note

Woohoo! Quite an improvement from Copenhagen. We’re especially proud of this because the Nordic countries are infamously expensive; however, we do feel a bit like cheaters, since Pete’s family generously provided transportation & so many meals.

The second breakfast was totally unnecessary since Peter’s grandparents spoiled us with absurd amounts of food (pastries, cakes, pizza, ice cream); we weren’t prepared for that kind of pampering!

We would’ve been fine with our coffees & sandwiches at Caffetteria del corso, a cute Italian cafe in an alley of the mall.

We included the train ticket from Copenhagen to Stockholm in Copenhagen expenses, but in the future we’ll include that type of expense in the destination city’s expense post.

We went overboard (sensing a theme yet?) at Snickarbacken 7 for lunch/breakfast, but man was it a tasty and healthy meal!

Lamb salad, acai bowl, and avocado toast…oh my!

If you take the ferry/steamboat, it will tell you to buy the tickets on board. Be sure to buy the tickets soon after you depart to let them know where you’d like to get off; otherwise, they may not stop where you’d like.

The steamboat we took, recommended by Pete’s uncle

If you want to try Swedish Meatballs, try out the restaurant appropriately named Meatballs near Sodermalm. We were pretty obsessed with the traditional Swedish Meatballs dish.

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