What We Spent in One Week on Easter Island

We were pretty scared of how expensive things would be on Easter Island. After all, it’s one of the most remote islands in the world. While we wanted to get the most out of our once-in-a-lifetime trip, we also didn’t want to spend a fortune. Curious how we did? Check out how our expenses panned out for our week in Easter Island. Costs are in USD and include both of us.


AirBnb: 672

Total: 672


Flights from and to Tahiti: 63.15 (details here)

Total: 63.15


National Park tickets: 161.54
ATV for 2 days: 143.76
Gas for ATV: 11

Total: 316.30

Food & Drink

Groceries: 46.62
Club Sandwich: 19.66
Mix of groceries & cheap restaurants*: 78.54

Total: 144.82

Total: $1,196.27

Total Per Person, Per Day: $85.45

Things to Note

If you can snag award flights, Easter Island really isn’t too horribly expensive!

Clearly, accommodation was our largest expense – and we stayed at one of the cheaper places. If you’re heading to Easter Island, I’d suggest using AirBnb or Agoda to find a decent place that has a kitchen, way in advance of your trip. Which leads me to my next point…

We used our kitchen every single day to keep our costs down. As usual, we saved lots of money by grocery shopping and eating at restaurants sparingly. However, to our (pleasant) surprise, Easter Island has some pretty cheap restaurants. For some tips on where to eat (and more), check out my post: Easter Island Travel Tips.

*We paid cash for some groceries and restaurants, so we lumped it together here.

Do our expenses in Easter Island shock you, or are they what you expected?

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