Singapore Airlines First Class Review

We recently had the opportunity to fly Singapore Airlines first class from Hong Kong to Singapore and then from Singapore to Auckland. Both of our flights were on an Airbus A380 double-decker plane (my first time!). Singapore actually called first class on these planes “Suites” class because each first class passenger gets a fully enclosed suite to travel in.

Check-In & Pre-Departure

We arrived at Hong Kong international airport very early in the morning from the Philippines. We proceeded to the premium passengers early check-in line and were able to get our golden boarding passes (they were really golden…). I was getting giddy at this point. We made it to the Singapore Airlines lounge. There was a separate section reserved for passengers flying in first class, which made us feel even more special. We ordered breakfast off the menu and scheduled times for us to get a quick shower in before our flight. We ended up spending a little more time here than we thought as our flight was delayed, but at least we were well fed and felt refreshed after showering.


When it was time to board, we headed to the Suites class lane and handed our boarding passes to the gate agent. She proceeded to escort us down the lengthy jet bridge all the way to the plane. This gesture made us feel like we were VIPs. Once we settled into our suites, a nice flight attended noticed we were taking a selfie and kindly asked if we would like a photo. He then asked if I wanted a drink and I replied just asking for water. A few moments later I realized my mistake and I asked if I could get a glass of champagne to which he responded, “I got Dom or I got Krug.” I decided to go with Krug and Brittany decided on Dom. We both ended up liking like Krug better. Who knew?

The first class hostess then came over and introduced herself and asked us to let her know if there was ever anything that they could do to make our trip better. I was immediately blown away by the service we received.

Brit is super pumped!
Brit is super pumped!

Hong Kong (HKG) – Singapore (SIN)

We knew that we would be sleeping during much of our flight from Singapore to Auckland, so on this flight we kicked back to enjoy some movies on our huge, personal, 23-inch screens paired with Bose noise canceling headphones. I forget what I watched, but I remember the selection was pretty good.

The meal was great. For an appetizer, I had Bamboo Clam. I didn’t even know such a thing existed! This was followed by some soup, which was followed by a nice salad. Then it was time for the main dish. I went with the lamb. I could probably count the number of times I have had lamb on 1 hand, so I figured why not? It blew my socks off.

Lamb and potatoes
Lamb and potatoes

I was pretty full after the main dish, but the fun didn’t stop there. After our mains came an assortment of Hägen-Dazs ice cream. This was Brit’s favorite part of the meal.

Assorted Hägen-Dazs Ice Cream... mhmmm
Assorted Hägen-Dazs Ice Cream… mhmmm

The Private Room

When we landed in Singapore, we went straight to The Private Room. This is Singapore’s most exclusive lounge in the Singapore Airport. They have a first class lounge and then they have The Private Room. The first class lounge is for people flying in first class on one of Singapore’s partner airlines. The Private Room is only for passengers flying on Singapore Airlines first class. That was us.

If you read my post on booking the cook, you know that I was excited to try lobster thermidor here. Unfortunately, they did not have that on the menu, but I still decided to try some poached lobster that was delicious. Brittany hates seafood and she had a bite and even liked it! The lounge was very nice with huge over-sized chairs and a dining area where you could order some food off a menu. It felt like we were at a super fancy restaurant.

Me about to enjoy my lobster in The Private Room
Me about to enjoy my lobster in The Private Room

Singapore (SIN) – Auckland (AKL)

After the lounge was the flight that I got to enjoy the steak I preordered using book the cook. Before the steak was an appetizer… and I thought, why not try caviar if I’m flying first class? It was my first time trying it and I still don’t know how I feel about it. I guess I thought it was just okay.

This experience did bring a memorable quote from one of the flight attendants. After I had ordered and before I was served the caviar, a flight attendant came up to me asked, “Would you like some chilled vodka to go with your caviar?” Never thought that would be a sentence someone would say to me (I said yes by the way). 

Singapore Airlines First Class Caviar
Singapore Airlines First Class Caviar
Wagyu sirloin that I ordered with Book the Cook
Wagyu sirloin that I ordered with Book the Cook

I picked cheesecake for my dessert. I never miss the opportunity to have cheesecake. It is my favorite dessert. Unfortunately, the cheesecake was far from being the best I’ve ever had.

This was also the flight where we were able to try a double bed in the sky. Singapore is 1 of 2 airlines in which this is possible (the other being China Eastern). There are two rows of Suite seats in the middle of the plane. If you are in one of these seats and know the person in the suite next to you, you can have the crew convert the suites into one giant double bed, which was pretty awesome. We settled in and dozed off to sleep for a few hours.

Snug as a bug in our double bed!

Before we knew it, we were waking up to the beginning of our breakfast meal service. What a great way to wake up! Shortly after eating, we began our descent into Auckland. Sadly our journey had to come to an end. We changed out of our pajamas and had a quick Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee before landing.


We had an amazing experience flying first class on Singapore Airlines. Above all, the service is what stood out the most. The food was great, but I would rate the food on Japan Airlines first class slightly ahead. Having your own suite and being able to sleep in a double bed was unforgettable.

The most amazing part of this award is how accessible it is for people in the States to book. You can transfer points to Singapore Airlines from every single flexible points program. It is hard to find award availability on routes to and from the USA, but you should be able to find availability in other parts of the world. If this is something you are interested in trying out yourself, I highly suggest reading my lengthy post on the Singapore Airlines Krisflyer program. This award only cost us 63,750 miles and $177.59 per person. That is some insane value for flying 14ish hours in your private suite in first class. These are some flights that we will never forget.

Have any questions about our experience? If you’ve flown Singapore Airlines first class before do you agree with my assessment?

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