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Our trip around the world has begun! To start things off right, we flew SAS business class from Chicago to Copenhagen. I booked this flight using 45,000 Aeroplan miles (now 55,000) each that we got from transferring Amex Membership Rewards points. I knew that SAS was refurbishing their business class cabins and that the cabin would be new when we flew. This turned out to be an amazing deal. To date, this is the best flight either of us has ever taken.

Here are the details. To start, the TSA security line at O’Hare was a nightmare. All of the news outlets are telling the truth. We were grateful that we were flying business class and were able to avoid the worst part of the line. We arrived 2 hours and 45 minutes before our flight was set to take off. We do not think we would have made our flight if we were flying economy. After getting through security, we headed straight to the SAS business class lounge. The lounge was small and packed to the brim with people. There was also a SAS flight to Stockholm that was taking off an hour before ours was set to depart. We were able to get two seats next to each other after someone kindly offered to move over to the seat next to him. The food did not look good and didn’t smell great either. They had 1 red wine, 1 white wine and 3 different beers to choose from.

SAS Lounge
SAS Lounge

After an hour or two and a couple drinks, we headed to the gate. Boarding was delayed a little, but not enough to cause our arrival in Copenhagen to be delayed. Once we got into the business class cabin we knew we were in for a treat.

The business class cabin is in a 1-2-1 configuration. We had a pair of middle seats (3D and 3F). We wanted to be more towards the front of the cabin, but did not want to be bothered by the crew preparing the meals in the front galley. The seats were extremely comfortable. They had a setting to control the firmness (we both liked setting 2). There was a massage setting that I never decided to try. There was a port to plug in a USB chord to charge a device and settings to control the “mood” lighting around your seat.

Business Class Cabin
Business Class Cabin

Shortly after takeoff, the meal service began. They handed out menus, an interesting touch we hadn’t seen yet on a plane. They offered cocktails before the meal and wines or beers to enjoy during the meals. The food was decent, but nothing to write home about. I had chicken and risotto. When I booked the tickets I must have noted that Brittany was vegetarian (she now eats a little meat). She received “special” food items the entire flight, which we thought was ridiculous. They had perfectly good vegetarian options on the normal menu without her needing to be served special meals the entire flight. These “special” meals were clearly not as good as their normal options. She was unable to be switched to a normal meal, even after asking.

After dinner, the crew came around and asked if we would like to be woken up for breakfast or if we wanted to get the maximum amount of time possible for sleeping. We decided to go with breakfast as we are trying to make our money stretch as far as we can. The seats went fully into bed mode and were very comfortable. I am 6’9 and did not fit fully stretched out (I expected this), but was comfortably able to lay on my side with my legs curled a little to sleep. We both slept extremely well!

Breakfast was also just okay and once again Brittany received a “special” meal when there was plenty of vegetarian things she could have eaten from the normal breakfast cart. The weird thing was that they did not even offer her anything off of the cart, which had many vegetarian items. She wanted a yogurt and had to ask after they had already passed her seat without saying anything to her. Note: you probably shouldn’t request a “special” meal with your booking on this airline unless you have strict preferences and/or allergies, otherwise you will feel jipped!

A little while later, we landed in Copenhagen well-rested and ready to begin our adventure! Even with the food mishap, we both agreed that this was the best flying experience either of us has had so far.

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Have you tried SAS Business class? What were your thoughts?

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