Safari Packing List: What to Pack for a Safari in Tanzania (or Kenya)

Before we left for our Safari excursion, I frantically searched the internet for what to pack for this occasion. While many sites had good advice, I want to share what you really need for a 7-day Safari to Tanzania/Kenya/Zanzibar*.

Clothing & Shoes

4 T-Shirts – Try to avoid dark-blue & black for the shirts you’ll wear on the game drives, since those colors attract Tsetse flies
2 Long-sleeve Shirts – 1 nice/plain
1 Tank Top/Sleeveless/Cami
1 Sweatshirt/Fleece – it gets chilly at night and in the mornings (yes, even in the Serengeti)
1 pair Comfy Shorts
2 pairs Cotton Pants – you don’t have to splurge on anything special, but I bought these and wore them all 4 days of the game drive (sorry not sorry)
4 pairs Socks
6-8 pairs undies (cotton) – I always take more than I need because I don’t like hand washing
Light-weight Rain Coat/Poncho
Gym shoes – we never needed hiking boots, but if you’re going on a walking tour, you might want to do some research
Flip Flops/Shower Shoes
1-2 Swimsuit(s) – I used 2, but we stayed at Zanzibar for a week
Flannel PJ Pants (optional) – I only used these once
Light, durable, waterproof shoes (optional) – we never used these, but apparently you’ll need them at certain times of the year in Zanzibar because of the sea urchins


Hat w/chin strap – here’s the one I bought; I love the fit & how it easily collapses
Passport (duh)
Travel Pillow – my obsession
Binoculars – your guild will likely have them, but they may not be of great quality. We got ours for $80 here and highly recommend them.
Sunscreen – bring some since it costs about $30 there! You can stock up on 3-ounce bottles so you don’t need to check a bag
Aloe – you’re close to the Equator and you will get burned (especially in Zanzibar)
Bug Spray – Ultrathon (Dr. recommended)
3 one-gallon zip locks – these were incredibly useful. We used these for our dirty laundry, souvenirs, and sun lotion/bug spray while we traveled
Scarf – (optional) I never used this, but I read from other blogs that people found it very useful


Good quality camera – this is a MUST for capturing all the amazing things you’ll see on the game drives! We used this one; check out our pictures to see if you’re satisfied with the quality (we certainly were).
Headphones/Earbuds – for the planes
Headphone splitter – useful if traveling with someone else
Charging chords for devices
Battery Pack – extremely useful! We used this one (and we HIGHLY recommend it!)
Go-Pro – SO awesome to have. Post to come about how we used it!
Extra batteries for devices


Toothpaste, Toothbrush
Antiseptic Gel
Wet Wipes
Face wipes – feels so great to get all the dust & dirt off
Travel size Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap & Lotion – I used the ones I saved from my business travels, but I recommend bringing these just in case


Meds from Dr – probably an antibiotic & Malaria meds
Pepto – a godsend (trust us)
Band aids – these weirdly came in handy a lot
Zquil – or something stronger if you can get it

For the Ladies

Long skirt – Zanzibar (and Stone Town specifically) is Muslim, so you’ll want to cover your knees (and shoulders) to be respectful of their culture
Tampons/Panty liners (if necessary)
3 sports bras, 2 regular bras – sports bras are necessary for the bumpy game drives
Mascara, eye liner (optional)
Cover-up – for the beaches
Birth Control (optional)

*We didn’t go to Kenya, but we heard that it’s essentially the same climate/conditions.

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