Romania Expenses

We spent a lovely 9 days & nights exploring the cities of Bucharest, Brasov, Sighisoara, and Sibiu in Romania. Here’s what we spent during those days. Unless specified, the prices include both of us.


Taxi from airport to Bucharest hotel: $37
Train from Bucharest to Brasov: $24.16
Bus to Bran, round trip: $6.90
Train tickets to Sighisoara (first class):  $28.21
Minibus to Sibiu: $9.31
Buses to/from hotel, city center & train station (4 total): $3

Total: $108.58


Lunch at the JW Marriott “The Garden”: $29.02
Pizza at Pizza Vitto, Brasov: $15
Breakfast at Bistro de l’arte, Brasov: $12.50
Dinner at Dei Frati, Brasov: $35.83
Breakfast at Bistro de L’arte: $11.35
Dinner at Gasthaus Alte Post: $22.19
Groceries – water, breakfast (croissants & yogurt), candy: $7.04
Drinks & snacks from grocery store (energy & mt dew, chips), Sighisoara: $3
Dinner at Concordia, Sighisoara: $18.85
Dinner at Hilton, Sibiu:  $15.80
Drinks at La Turn, Sibiu (4 beers): $7.10
Dinner at Max Italian restaurant, Sibiu: $38.76

Total: $216.44


AirBnb in Brasov: $84
Casa Soare Hotel in Sighisoara, 2 nights: $64.63

Total: $148.63


Bran castle entrance fee: $17.30
Cable car ride in Brasov: $7.91
Clock tower in Sighisoara: $6.90
Council tower, Sibiu: $1.47

Total: $33.58

Total: $507.23

Total Per Person, Per Day: $28.18

Things to Note

Romania was even cheaper than we expected!

We got totally ripped off by our taxi driver in Bucharest. The ride from the airport to our hotel should have cost about a quarter of what we paid.

Per usual, we spent a lot more money on food than most backpackers – both because we utilize hotel points and because, well, we’re obsessed with food.

Bistro de l’Arte in Brasov has the most fabulous eggs benedicts…maybe ever. Worth the “splurge” (relative to other eatery costs).

You know what else was amazing? Dei Frati in Brasov. One of the best meals we’ve had yet on this trip (and that’s saying a lot!)

We stayed at the JW Marriott in Bucharest for free, with my Marriott e-certificate. One of the best perks was the free food and drinks they served there in the evening and it really cut down our costs.

We stayed at the Hilton in Sibiu with Pete’s points.

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