Our Return to the South Pacific Islands

Last year we had the incredible opportunity to visit Bora Bora in French Polynesia. We instantly fell in love with French Polynesia and the South Pacific and knew we wanted to come back some day. That “some day” happens to be January 1st, 2017!

While we were in Bora Bora, we heard great things about another island in French Polynesia called Mo’orea, so the island has been on our radar. I also have really wanted to visit Easter Island since I first heard of the island when I was a kid. Lucky for us, this was one of those situations where the timing of all the award flights worked out so perfectly, as I’ll explain below. I still can’t believe we were able to book all of this so cheaply.

I wanted to break down the cost of all of these flights – prices are per person. Award flights within the South Pacific region have some of the best value to be had right now. 

Our Island Hopping Adventure

1. Brisbane to the Cook Islands: 22,500 Delta SkyMiles and $64.78 (Economy Class)

We knew we wanted to get to Tahiti eventually. I wanted to be able to fly directly between Tahiti and another island in the South Pacific that we would visit first. I found a direct flight from the Cook Islands to Tahiti and so the Cook Islands became our destination. I found a nice award flight using Delta miles and flying on Virgin Australia. It is pretty hard to find good value using Delta SkyMiles, but this is one of the great uses to be had.

2. Cook Islands to Tahiti: $278.31 (Economy Class)

We splurged a little on this flight. I wanted to fly direct instead of through New Zealand. I found a flight on Air Tahiti between the two tiny islands. The flight operates once a week and is on a small turbo prop plane. This should be a pretty wild experience.

3. Tahiti to Easter Island to Tahiti: 25,000 British Airways Avios and $63.15 (Economy Class)

These are the flights I was most ecstatic to find as there usually is no award availability to Easter Island whatsoever. There are only two ways to get to Easter Island. You can fly from Santiago, Chile or you can fly from Tahiti. Both of these flights are a fantastic use of British Airways Avios if you can find award availability. I used British Airways Avios to book the award flight on LAN between the two islands. 25,000 points is an absolute steal for this round trip flight.

4. Tahiti to Auckland: 12,500 Singapore Miles and $55.86 (Economy Class)

I have written about the value of using Singapore Airlines miles in the South Pacific before. I put that to good use here by booking one of those flights. This flight will be on Air New Zealand.

5. Auckland to Perth: 17,500 American Miles (Business Class)

We did not spend any time in Auckland the first time we were in New Zealand because we knew we would be coming back for a few days during our island hopping tour. Qantas has a direct flight between Auckland and Perth once a week. I wanted to fly this route so I would have a longer experience of Qantas’s business class product. The price has now increased to 25,000 miles, which is still a pretty good deal. This is another instance showing that it is best to spend your points/miles as quickly as possible before award prices increase. I do not have the original email any more that had how many taxes/fees there were, but they were very minimal.


We were able to book this South Pacific island hopping adventure for 77,500 miles/points and $462.10* per person. If it were not for miles and points, we never would have been able to experience all of these islands. Be on the lookout for posts in the near future regarding our time on these islands. This is one of our most highly anticipated parts of our trip!

*I do not have the dollar amount for the flight from Auckland to Perth, but it was very cheap

Have any questions? Have you been able to book some cool flights in the South Pacific region before?

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