Austin asked 9 months ago

Hey guys, It’s alpaquitas Austin and Perry. Do you have any recommendations on travel cards? More specifically, which ones allow you to keep the points you’ve earned after you cancel the card? Thanks! Hope y’all are enjoying being home

1 Answers
Pete Staff answered 6 months ago

Hi Austin and Perry!
I apologize it took me so long to respond! That is a hard question. Most credit card companies allow you to keep your points after you cancel if you have another one of their cards (could be a no annual fee card). But for simplicity I would say the Amex Everyday credit card. It has no annual fee so there should never be a need to cancel and it still earns valuable Amex points. If your just starting to collect points I would say start with one of Chase’s cards but for Chase you need one of their premium cards (annual fee cards) to get the most value out of the points and with Amex you do not need that.