Qatar 777 Business Class Review

We got to experience this product more than I had initially anticipated. We first flew this plane from Cairo to Doha. This flight was considered a “First” Class flight. This is what Qatar calls their Business Class flights within the Middle East. This is similar to how US carriers call Business Class, “First” Class, on flights within the States.

The second flight on the Boeing 777 was from Doha to Cape Town. When I booked this flight, it was going to be served by a Boeing 787. The 787 is a much newer and nicer plane. I was disappointed in the change, but the flight still proved to be a great one.

The Seat

The seats are arranged in a 2-2-2 layout. This layout is ideal for passengers traveling with a companion, but not great for passengers traveling alone. The seats are spacious, comfortable, and each feature a nice sized entertainment system. The seat reminded me of my first ever Business Class flight on Turkish Airlines.

Qatar Business Class on the Boeing 777

I would suggest trying to pick seats in the middle row. This will give you and your seat mate direct access to the aisle. Having to climb over someone else or having someone else climb over you to get to the aisle is never a fun experience.  I put us in the second row of the middle aisle. These seats gave us both access to the aisle in case we needed to use the rest room. I also like being closer to the front, but not immediately next to the front galley.

The Service/Food

On our first 777 flight, we had a lovely flight attendant from South Africa. She was super excited to hear that we were headed to her home country. She and the other flight attendants did a great job with the quick meal service from Cairo to Doha. The food was tasty. The crew was also excellent at making sure our drinks were never empty.

The second flight was just as good… at least i think so. The flight took off at 4:20 AM and I was exhausted and don’t remember too much. The flight attendants were attentive and provide great service throughout the overnight flight.

Brit’s Mom ready for bed before we even took off


This isn’t directly related to the 777, but related to flying on Qatar in general. Qatar offers a free city tour multiple times throughout the day. If you have a long transit in Doha, I would recommend checking out the tour. You can find information here. Here are some cool pictures we took on the tour.


Qatar has a dated Business Class product on their 777 planes. It wasn’t bad by any means. The experience was still solid and offers a great seat if you’re traveling with someone else. It was just a little letdown because Qatar’s offerings on their A380, 787, and A350 look much better and newer.

That being said, the service provided by the crew was always great. I look forward to my next opportunity to fly with Qatar. I’m just going to make sure that opportunity is on one of their newer planes.

What are your thoughts on Qatar’s 777 in Business Class?

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