PSA: Stick to Your Travel Routine

After traveling for 7 months, we have developed a travel routine. We carry most of our clothes in our backpacks and then carry our valuables inside a separate day bag. I keep my wallet in my right pocket and my phone in my left pocket. That is what my “setup” looks like every single time we travel from point A to point B.

Every now and then, I introduce an “outsider” to my travel routine. Usually it consists of something small like a water bottle. There have been numerous times that water bottle has been left behind because I am not used to having it be a part of my travel routine. Luckily, most of the time it is something simple like a water bottle…

But there was that one time we left our hotel in Manilla for the airport at 4 in the morning. We woke up in a haze and pulled out our world travel phone, a Nexus 5X. This was probably the 4th time we have used this phone on the whole trip. We only used it when we really needed to make a call, a hotspot for our laptops, to get an Uber. This time, we were using it to get an Uber. When the Uber arrived, we hastily got in and I put the phone between my leg and the seat. Once we got to the airport 20 or so minutes later, I hopped out of the car, grabbed my bags and checked my pockets. I had everything… or so I thought. 10 minutes later, I realized that I did not have that Nexus 5X. It was sitting in the Uber. There was no way I was going to get that phone back. That’s $200 down the drain.

Moral of the story is that this happened because I introduced something that was not part of my travel routine, and did so at 4 in the morning. After the Uber arrived, I should have immediately put the phone in my day bag where it ordinarily was. Stick to your travel routine. If you don’t, I almost guarantee that something will be left behind at some point.

Have you ever left behind something because it wasn’t part of your routine? What what it?

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  1. Janice says: Reply

    I totally agree. I have done this more than once. A coat, a drivers license I was trying out in a new little pouch necklace that security made me take off ( and I left behind when rushing to a flight), a book placed in a seat pocket. I am best when I have a set number of items, usually 2,and you are correct, everything has to go right back to where it belongs -immediately!!

    1. Pete says: Reply

      Thanks for reading. Thanks for the extra tip! I am just grateful I haven’t let something more valuable behind yet.

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