Possible 3x AA Miles Per Dollar Spent on Amazon Purchases?

The other day, I logged into my Barclays account to take a look at my statement for the Barclays US Airways credit card. I noticed something interesting: it seems that Barclays rounds to the nearest point.

For example, a purchase that costs $2.87 would give you 3 miles and a purchase that is $2.43 would give you 2 miles. I was curious what a purchase of $0.50 would give me. I decided to head to Amazon to see what buying a $0.50 Amazon gift card would give me. Sure enough, I checked after a few days and the purchase gave me 1 mile.


Barclays is currently having a promotion where they’re giving a 50% bonus to all miles earned through June 30th, 2015. Taking this promotion into account, this purchase will give me 1.5 miles for a $0.50 purchase, which equates to 3 miles per dollar spent when buying items for $0.50.

Theoretically, this means if you need to purchase something on Amazon, one could buy as many $0.50 gift cards they need to buy whatever item they need and get a return of 3 miles per dollar spent. It may be unrealistic to buy 1000 $0.50 gift cards for an item that is $500, but for smaller purchases, this could be a good opportunity to get 3 miles per dollar spent on Amazon purchases.

Let me know if you think this will work and if you are going to try this in the comments below!

***If you do not have the Barclays US Airways Credit Card, I suggest applying for it now. This card will likely no longer be available very soon, and I mean very soon; will likely disappear within a week. The card is currently giving 50,000 miles on your first purchase with an annual fee $89. $89 for 50,000 AA miles is an amazing deal.

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      Thank you Sparkle Touch! I hope you had the opportunity to take advantage of this!

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