Two Weeks in the Philippines: Malapascua, Boracay, Coron (Palawan)

We spent two wonderful weeks in the gorgeous islands of the Philippines. While there’s so much we wanted to do and see in the Philippines, we’ve learned that we prefer taking our time to settle into each place rather than traveling quickly. After quite a bit of thought, we decided to divide our time into 3 main […]

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5 Nights in Coron, Palawan

After spending a pretty indulgent week in Boracay, Coron was the breath of fresh air we craved. Driving through its rolling hills and pastures teeming with life was extremely refreshing, as was its lack of major chain restaurants. Five nights was a lot in this small town; we could’ve seen it in less, but we […]

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Island Hopping in Coron: Beaches and Snorkeling

Coron is an adorable, sleepy little town in Palawan, an archipelago known for its gorgeous surrounding waters. As a tourist, there’s not much to do in Coron except go island hopping and scuba diving. Our hotel (Divine Castle Travelers Inn) set us up with JY Travel & Tours. We chose to do tours A and […]

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Getting My Hair Done in the Philippines

After almost 6 months on the road, I was starting to get really, really sick of my hair. I’m used to getting it highlighted and/or cut every 2-3 months, mostly because I love change. But I didn’t think I’d get my hair done while traveling. Here are some totally naive thoughts I had before we started traveling: […]

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TravelBeet Monthly Recap: November 2016

November has been a month of stark contrasts: white sandy beaches and snow-capped mountains; suffocating heat and freezing cold temperatures; first class flights and camping; some of the cheapest prices in the world to some of the more expensive. If you read our October recap, you’ll know that we went to the Philippines and New […]

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Smiles and Sharks in Malapascua, Philippines

It was the idea of diving with thresher sharks that put this little island on our radar, but it was the promise of small island vibes that convinced us to spend some time here. Here’s how we spent our 5 nights in Malapascua, Pete’s favorite place we visited in the Philippines! Accommodation We stayed at Malapascua Garden […]

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Boracay, Philippines: Real-Life Pleasure Island

What I’m about to write sounds pretty spoiled, but it’s the unfortunate truth. After a few months of travel, it becomes easier to feel jaded at gorgeous sites like waterfalls and beaches. Despite spending some quality time at gorgeous beaches in places like Greece, Thailand, and Lombok (and some not-so-beautiful beaches in Cambodia), we were still blown […]

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