PayAble Update for Spending Requirements

A little while ago, a wrote a post about using a service called payable to meet spending requirements you may have. I have now used this service to “spend” about $25,000 and want to give you more information. 

In my previous article, I mentioned I would be using the service to spend $15,000 and meet the minimum spending requirements on the American Express Business Platinum Card. I procrastinated a bit and left $10,000 in spending for the last few weeks I had for meeting the sign up bonus requirements. I made 2 separate charges of $5002 and $5000 11 days apart. Then I got an email from Stripe:

Hi Peter,

We’re reaching out to request additional information about some activity on your Stripe account. Two large payments were recently made on your account by a card ending in XXXX, and we’d like to confirm that the charge information was correct. To view these charges, please visit

Could you send us an invoice (or other documentation) so we can verify the details and ensure that these charges are processed smoothly through the card network system? We will need to confirm this information before resuming transfers to your bank account.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


At this point I began to freak out a bit. How long were they going to hold $5000 of my money? How long would it take until they transferred it to my bank account? $5000 is a decent chunk of money to float and I was not at all happy with this prospect. After some back and fourth with Stripe’s customer support, I finally get this email:

Hey Peter,

Thanks for getting back to us. I’m Roy, I’ve been working with Jacob on this issue, I hope you don’t mind.

I can see from your “Transfer” tab in you Dashboard [1] that the payment will leave Stripe on the 6th of March bank account ending in XXXX. Please bear in mind that the payment may take a day or 2 before it appears in your account.

Additionally, I would like to bring something to your attention, I can see from your account that some payments have been made using your own credit card or a card associated with your business. As a note, I’d like to ask that all future payments come from your customers directly and not from you using your own card to make a payment on your customer’s behalf. This is because self-payment is strictly against Stripe policy and can be considered the first step of money laundering, as you are obscuring the origin of a payment. The regulations and stipulations put in place by the credit card industries and our financial partners mean that we may be forced to no longer work with you. This is definitely not what we want to happen, and so by bringing it to your attention, we can hopefully avoid that scenario happening in the future.

I hope this has clarified the situation for you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me, I’ll be glad to help.

All the best,



This may be the end of the road for me using this service. I am sure that my account is on a watch list now and I don’t want to get large sums of money held up again. A way I may get around this is to add an authorized user to my account and then make payments using the card in their name.

If you are interested in using this service, I would suggest waiting long periods between making big charges on the same credit card. I used this same credit card about 2 months ago and, after making my second large charge, I did not receive any email. It was the third charge, 11 days after my second charge, that triggered a review of my account.

Let me know if you have any questions on using PayAble!

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