Our Time in Da Lat, Vietnam

Elephant Waterfall Da Lat


Da Lat was different from the other places we went in Vietnam for many reasons. First, we heard from some Vietnamese folks that Da Lat is the city of 4 seasons. They claimed you can experience each season in one day. While it definitely was a lot cooler than every other city we visited in Vietnam, we thought the parkas being worn and sold everywhere were a bit comical, since the average low in August is 66 degrees.

Da Lat Parkas
Reminds me of winter in L.A.

Second, it’s very mountainous, but still has a big city feel.

Street view
Street view

There’s a lot to do here with great restaurants and tons of outdoor activities. We definitely could’ve stayed longer!

Getting There

We took a “VIP limousine” minibus directly from our hotel in Nha Trang (Happy Angel) to Da Lat.

Bus to Da Lat
This blog could’ve also been called “Big Pete Sleeps”

This bus ride was really painless. It took about 3 hours and only set us back about $12/person.


We stayed at Lam Vien Homestay and loved it.

Lam Vien Homestay, Da Lat
Our spacious and clean room at Lam Vien Homestay

If you don’t mind walking about 20 minutes to the city center, and you want a quiet, cozy place to stay with incredibly kind hosts, we definitely recommend staying here. It was about $18/night. Our hosts gave us tons of treats during our stay, including endless teas and fruits. The room was immaculate and very well-kept.


100 Roofs Cafe

Also called the “maze bar,” this place is wild. I don’t want to ruin the fun for you, but you absolutely should check this place out!

Maze Bar 100 Roofs Da Lat
Ordering cookies blended at 100 Roofs

Tip: Get the cookies blended with rum drink. My favorite was vanilla, while Pete liked the mix 🙂 It was so good that we went back our second night for another!

Goc Ha Thanh

We really liked this restaurant that served Vietnamese food at a reasonable price.

Curry Da Lat
Delicious curry; cheap Da Lat wine


We were craving Italian food (no surprise there), so we gave Primavera a shot. We weren’t huge fans, but this may have been an exception, since the owner was out sick and they weren’t making pizzas.

Other restaurant ideas: We heard and read great things about One More Cafe, which is right by the 2 above restaurants.


We did the popular “Easy Rider” tour and loved it. For ~$25 per person, you get on the back of a motorcycle and get a full day tour of Da Lat and the surrounding areas. The motorcycles were really comfortable, our drivers spoke great English, and we saw a lot, including waterfalls, a silk factory, and a coffee farm.

For details, check out our next post about our day with Easy Riders.

Have you been do Da Lat? Are there other things you recommend?

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  1. Caren says: Reply

    Wow, you sure found deluxe “limo” and homestay accommodations! Very impressive. And the 100 Roof Cafe looks fascinating! I assume it wasn’t creepy like House on the Rock (haha).
    I’m loving all your posts. They just keep getting better and better!!
    Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful celebration!!!
    Love you!!

    1. Brittany says: Reply

      We had some help from other backpackers/travelers who gave us great suggestions! It was absolutely fascinating, and definitely not as creepy as House on the Rock 😀
      I’m so glad you’re loving them – we’re having a blast writing them!
      Thank you – love you! xoxo

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