Oslo Expenses

Coming from Bergen, a very expensive, but adorable town, our pockets were feeling a bit empty and we were fairly determined to spend less money in our next city. We spent 3 nights in Oslo – let’s see how we did!


Train ticket to Oslo: $119.24
Train to airport hotel: $22.06
Total: $141.30


Water on the train to Oslo: $7.93
Dinner at Olivia: $75.34
Pepsi at the train station: $2.65
Subway: $8.37
DrinksĀ at hotel bar: $23.16
Dinner at Peppes (small pizza & beer): $26.59
Total: $144.04

Pizza & Risotto at Olivia, a delicious restaurant on the water
Pizza & risotto at Olivia, a delicious restaurant on the water


Airport hotel: $133.42

Total: $418.76

Total Per Person, Per Day: $69.79

We did it! We managed to beĀ more frugal in our next Norwegian stop. However, we did spend a lot of money on our hotel near the airport for our last night; read about that mishap here.

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