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I recently decided to adopt a new method of manufactured spending with a product called NW Buxx. The product is designed to let parents give their teens reloadable debit cards so that they can control their spending. The product allows a parents to load these teen debit cards with a Visa/MasterCard credit card.

Step 1: Sign Up

Click here to sign up. You will be asked for some demographic information, payment information, and eventually information on your “Teen.” During the sign up process if you use the promo code 02050053 the initial purchase fee of $5 will be waved.

At some point you will will be asked for your “Teen” information (including SS number). I signed up my girlfriend as one teen and then for the second teen I added myself. The only different piece of information I provided here than when creating the parent account (also my demographic information) was that I included my middle initial. I had no issues whatsoever doing this. From what I have read, NW does not even check the SS numbers on teen accounts. I am thinking of adding some more teens with some fake SS numbers. However, I cannot guarantee that this will work or if NW will shut you down if you do this, so do this at your own risk.

For the initial loads to both “Teen” cards I used my Club Carlson credit card. The card offers 5x points on all purchases. I have not found a card that will treat these loads as any kind of bonus category so use the card you have that is most generous for any type of purchase or use the card that you are trying to meet the minimum spend requirements for. It always makes sense to load the maximum value allowed, so load $500 to each “Teen” card you created.

Step 2: Loading The Card

You can load these cards with $1000 per rolling 30 days and $500 per rolling 7 days. There are also restrictions on the amount of loads you can do with a certain credit card. Use the information below to schedule loads depending on how many “Teen” cards you have. This way you do not need to think about it and you will be loading as much as you possibly can. There is a $2 fee per load which is why I recommend always loading the maximum amount of $500.

1 “Teen” – Load $500 on card 1 on day 1. Load $500 on card 1 on day 15. On day 30 start this process again.

2 “Teen” -Load $500 on cards 1 & 2 on day 1. Load $500 on cards 1 & 2 on day 15. On day 30 start this process again.

3 “Teen” – Load $500 on cards 1 & 2 on day 1. Load $500 on on card 3 on day 7/8. Load another $500 on cards 1 & 2 on day 15. Load $500 on card 3 on day 22/23. On day 30 start this process again.  

4 “Teen” – Load $500 on cards 1 & 2 on day 1. Load $500 on on cards 3 & 4 on day 7/8. Load another $500 on cards 1 & 2 on day 15. Load $500 on cards 3 & 4 on day 22/23. On day 30 start this process again.  

5 “Teen” – You will have to add another credit card to your parent profile. Consult the Limit section below on more information. With 2 credit cards it should not be hard to load each card with $1000 a month. 

Step 3: Unloading The Card

Wen you first get each of your “Teen” cards, first create an account for the “Teen” and set up a PIN. This makes it so you can withdraw money from ATM’s. If you use an Allpoint ATM there should be no fee for using the ATM (some people report they are charged a $1 fee but I have not had this issue yet). You are allowed to withdraw $200 every 7 days. This is somewhat frustrating as you can only withdraw $800 from ATM’s in the same time period that you can load $1000.

Another method that I have used to unload these cards is to pay off the balances on my Citi credit cards. The process is really easy. Call up the number on the back of your Citi credit card and when you get connected to a representative tell them that you would like to make a payment using a debit card. You will have to give them the debit card number and expiration date. They will then ask you if it is your name on the debit card or ask you to read the name on the debit card. Just say that it is your name (even if it is not) or read them your name. I have done this with the “Teen” I created for my girlfriend and have had no issues whatsoever. The payment went through without issue. They will then ask you if you would like to save the card to use for future payments. If you plan on doing this again feel free to say yes.

The last method I have used is to load my American Express Serve card. Simply go to Walmart with your Serve card and ask if you can load money onto your Serve card. They will ask you for the amount that you wish to load, swipe your “Teen” debit card, enter the PIN you created, and your done! The money is on your Serve card. Then use the Serve card to pay off your credit card bills.

I personally use a combination of withdrawing cash at ATM’s (then depositing in my bank account) and paying off Citi credit cards. I tend to avoid loading to Serve as with Serve you have a $5000 a month cash load limit and I prefer to load my Serve card by other means.


  • Only can load $500 per rolling 7 days
  • Only can load $1000 per rolling 30 days
  • Only can withdraw $200 from ATM’s per week
  • Only can spend/withdraw $800 per rolling 7 days
  • Maximum of 5 “Teens” per address (regardless of how many accounts you create)
  • Maximum of 2 credit cards on file with NW
  • Only can do 2 $500 loads per credit card per rolling 7 days


This is a great tool for manufactured spending. It does not take that much work to load and unload and the fee’s are minimal. I recommend getting some of these as soon as you can as other Buxx cards have been discontinued so it is unknown how much longer NW Buxx will still be around. Let me know if you have any questions!

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