Two Days in Oslo, Norway, a City I Couldn’t Quite Love

Oslo – one of the most expensive cities in the world. Sophisticated, gorgeous, and downright classy…so why was this city was a little hard to love? We only had two days in Oslo, so maybe we just didn’t have enough time to warm up to it. Plus, I’m writing this post about 8 months after […]

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How Much it Costs to Visit Svalbard

We spent three glorious nights in Svalbard, a notoriously pricey destination. But how much does it actually cost to travel to Svalbard? Let’s see how we did! Expenses are in USD and include both of us. Accommodation Radisson Blue: free (on points) Transportation Roundtrip flight from Oslo: 198.60 Roundtrip bus ticket from airport: 28.77 Total: 227.37 […]

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Tips for Visiting Svalbard, Norway

My mom’s planning an upcoming trip to Svalbard with a friend, and I’m so excited for them! She had a bunch of questions about advice for traveling to Svalbard. As I’m typing up my suggestions for them, I realized I should also post them on here to share them with you all. Here are some […]

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Train from Bergen to Oslo: Experience and Photo Essay

Sometimes traveling can be exhausting, especially our “travel days” – the days we pack our backpacks and schlep them to a new city. We were excited, however, to ride the train from Bergen to Oslo. It wasn’t just necessary transportation to our next destination – it was an experience in its own right. The train’s large windows and calm […]

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Why You Should Travel to Svalbard

While we were putting together the itinerary for our year of travel, Pete was adamant about visiting Svalbard. Never heard of it? Neither had I. It’s the northern-most inhabited place on this planet.  We agree on most destinations, but this one blew my mind – why would anyone ever want to visit a place where […]

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Oslo Expenses

Coming from Bergen, a very expensive, but adorable town, our pockets were feeling a bit empty and we were fairly determined to spend less money in our next city. We spent 3 nights in Oslo – let’s see how we did! Transportation Train ticket to Oslo: $119.24 Train to airport hotel: $22.06 Total: $141.30 Food/Drink […]

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Bergen, Norway

We were enchanted by Bergen upon first glance, during the flight in, when we saw the majestic fjords* & adorable houses dotting the hilly inlets. We stayed at the Radisson Blu in Bryggen, Old Town Bergen, on points. We really liked it; check out how we got the points & our mini review within this post. […]

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Hiking Vidden: Mount Ulriken to Mount Fløyen, Norway

If you have the pleasure of visiting Bergen, don’t miss the opportunity to hike Mt Fløyen! We did and realized why it’s consistently at the top of “best things to do in Bergen” lists. We decided to do the long hike option, from Ulriken to Fløyen, which is about 8 miles.  It took us about 7 […]

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Club Carlson – A Nordic Tour

We spent $483.42 for 11 nights in Club Carlson hotels throughout the Nordic Countries. How We Gained Our Points The Club Carlson Premier Visa used to be an amazing credit card. It’s not nearly as good anymore, but in my opinion, it’s still worth holding on to and paying the annual fee. The sign up bonus […]

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“Flashpacking” the Nordic Countries

We recently heard of the term flashpacking, which means traveling while being a bit less frugal (in perhaps a more flashy way) than the average backpacker. We like this term because we’re not always comfortable calling ourselves backpackers, since we stay in hotels and spend more money than a typical backpacker, but we are literally traveling with all […]

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Bergen Expenses

We absolutely adored the quaint city of Bergen, especially Bryggen, the area where we stayed, despite this being the most expensive town we’ve visited so far. We managed to score some free meals from our hotel upgrade; even with this perk, our stay was still pricey (as expected). Here’s what our Bergen expenses looked like; […]

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