New Zealand Expenses: One Month

We spent just under a month (27 days) in New Zealand, driving from the Auckland Airport in the North Island all the way down to Fiordland in the South Island. Per usual, prices are in USD, and include 2 people. Let’s see how we did – here are our expenses for one month in New Zealand!


Camping Equipment: 181.89

  • Tent: 52.55
  • Sleeping Bags: 48.07
  • Blow-up Mattress: 21.02
  • Electronic pump for mattress: 12.61
  • Lantern + Batteries: 10.51+12.61
  • Pillows: 4.20
  • Pillow Cases: 5.61
  • Doormat: 3.50
  • Camping chairs: 11.21

Campsite and Holiday Park Fees: 197.94
Hostel in Rotorua: 50
Hotel in Tongariro (Skotel): 42
AirBnb in Renwick: 70
Hotel in Granity: 53.25
Hostel in Greymouth: 58.22
Hotel Sir Cedrics: 61
Airbnb in Albert Town (Wanaka): 164
Hotel in Queenstown (Alpine Lodge): 51.61

Total: 929.91


Flight to Auckland: 116.72 (fees for award flight)
Rental Car: 752.66
Gas: 362.09
Ferry from Wellington to Picton: 181.46

Total: 1,412.93


Groceries: 450.02
Restaurants: 318.94
Booze: 111.85

Total: 880.81


Cinema Nelson: 18.27
Cinema Paradiso Wanaka: 15.28
Puzzling World Wanaka: 28.48
Queenstown Activities (Nevis bungee, gondola, 3 luge rides): 259.76

Total: 321.79


USB adapter for the car: 5.61
Wool socks: 18.92
Ibuprofen: 6.33
Postcards & stamps: 11.43
Shipping cold weather clothes home: 54.27

Total: 239.12

Total: $3,784.56

Total Per Person, Per Day: $70.08

Things to Note

As we explained in our camping tips post, we purchased all our camping equipment from The Warehouse, a cheap department store, right next to the Auckland Airport. It was very convenient and the equipment was a great deal for the price.

Each campsite cost about $10/person per night.

We saved a lot of money by camping and renting a car vs. renting a camper van. If we weren’t on a budget, we would’ve rented a van instead for the convenience.

We also saved a lot of money by grocery shopping instead of eating out at restaurants. The New Zealand cuisine isn’t exactly praised (which the exception of Fergburger), so we didn’t feel like we missed out on much.

Most of our activities were free! I included all our wine tastings and brewing tours in the Food/Drinks category under “booze.”

Did our New Zealand expenses surprise you?

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