My Club Carlson Plan

About 5 months ago, I decided to apply for the US Bank Club Carlson Visa Card. I applied for this card because of 1, and only 1, benefit it provides. On award bookings, they give you your last night free on stays that are 2 nights or longer. So if you always redeem for 2 night stays, one would effectively have a buy one get one free type of deal when redeeming Club Carlson points.

So far, I have only used the benefit once on a trip to Nashville (trip report coming soon!).

This week, I received an email telling me that May would be the last month that I’d be able to use this benefit. Instead of getting angry, it motivated me to start moving and use as many Club Carlson points as possible before June. Most Club Carlson hotels are taking bookings through 2016, so you should be able to plan something for next year it you already have all of your vacation days planned out for 2015 (which I do).

I plan to use this benefit at least twice on my upcoming trip to Ireland with my Mom in September. Ireland looks like a great location to use Club Carlson points as they seem to have many properties.


This will burn the majority of my points, although I’ll still have some left over. Brittany still has many points. This Club Carlson benefit is particularly beneficially if you are traveling with someone else who has the benefit. This is because you can effectively pay half-price for the entire stay if person 1 books nights 1 and 2, person 2 books nights 3 and 4, person 1 books nights 5 and 6, etc.

I needed a quick way to get more points so we could take advantage of this benefit and book a trip sometime in 2016 before we lose the benefit in June. At the bottom of the email I was sent informing me this benefit was going away, there was an offer for bonus points.


At the time I received this email, I also had an offer to get 5,000 bonus points for making a booking via the Club Carlson app.


Club Carlson has since offered a promotion that will offer 3x the points they normally give on stays.


Overall, I made a fairly cheap booking (about $65) and will be able to quickly accumulate a fair number of points.

Base Points (Rate x20): 1300

Gold Elite Bonus (Base Points x0.35): 455

Credit Card Spend Bonus (Rate x10): 650

Triple Bonus (Rate x40): 2600

App Booking: 5000

Credit Card Bonus Offer: 30000

Total: 40,005

I expect to earn about 40,000 points for $65, which is a pretty good deal. This will give me enough for Brittany and I to trade off nights as I described above at nearly any Club Carlson property worldwide. We are still deciding where we want to go to use of all of our points, but right now we are thinking of potentially a trip to Scandinavia.

How are you going to spend your Club Carlson points before they become less valuable in June? I would love to hear!

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    Wow! What a great deal.

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