My 2015 Year in Review & FlightDiary Review

2015 was the first full year that I was involved in the miles and points game and it shows! This year I had 42 different flights throughout the year, which is much more than I have even taken.

Map of 2015 Flights (From FlightDiary)
Map of 2015 Flights (From FlightDiary)

I had 5 international trips this year.

  1. Jamaica
  2. Tanzania
  3. Ireland
  4. French Polynesia
  5. Jamaica

Tanzania was a remarkable trip and one that I will never forget. It was also the first time I was able to fly international business class (Turkish Airlines). Ireland was great because I got to treat my mother to a great vacation and give her the “Nicest accommodation” she has ever had on an Aer Lingus business class flight from Boston to Dublin. French Polynesia was easily the most luxurious vacation I have ever been on. A remarkable year for me!

Here are my stats for the year.

2015 Stats
2015 Stats

Nothing too unexpected here. I live in Madison, WI and so I fly out of MSN when traveling for business and usually fly out of ORD when traveling for leisure. I took way more economy flights than business class. Something I hope to change in 2016!

To get this map and these statistics, I used flight diary. It is a free service in which you can enter your flights and it records your statistics. For some reason, most of the times I entered my flight date and flight number, the search results would return incorrect flight information. I would say about 20% of the time the correct flight information was pulled in. However, inputting the information manually was not too big of a hassle. After I completed, the end result is pretty cool and I look forward to tracking my flights in 2015.

I know there are similar services that you can use to track your historical flight information, but I cannot comment on those as I have not tried them. I am happy with the summary information that flight diary gives and would recommend the service (plus its free!).

What did your travel look like in 2015? Do you use a different service to track your flight information?

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