How Much it Costs to Visit Svalbard

We spent three glorious nights in Svalbard, a notoriously pricey destination. But how much does it actually cost to travel to Svalbard? Let’s see how we did! Expenses are in USD and include both of us.


Radisson Blue: free (on points)


Roundtrip flight from Oslo: 198.60
Roundtrip bus ticket from airport: 28.77

Total: 227.37

Food & Drink

Lunch at Thai restaurant: 19.48
Drinks at Thai restaurant: 11.52
Groceries: 23.61

Total: 54.61


Walrus Safari Tour: 477.10

Total: 759.08

Total Per Person, Per Day: $126.51

Things to Note

Yep, Svalbard is expensive. But if you don’t include our flights, it was $93.53 per person per day, which really isn’t SO terrible.

Our free accommodation was HUGE. Hotels in Svalbard aren’t cheap, especially if you don’t want to share a bathroom. So being able to use Club Carlson points at the Radisson Blu, one of the nicer hotels in Longyearbyen, was awesome. Read how Pete managed our free stay.

We actually spent a little bit more than this because we had a night at the really fun whisky bar, paid in cash, and can’t remember how much we spent.

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