More Routes Added For One of Best Ways to get to Europe

One of the best ways to get to Europe is with Air Canada Aeroplan miles to fly on SAS. The destinations SAS serves directly from the Unites States are all in what the Aeroplan award chart defines as “Europe 1.” This means that a 1 way business class awards cost only 45,000 miles, or 90,000 miles round trip.

However, this feature is not unique to SAS. Plenty of other airlines fly to “Europe 1” as well from the United States. What sets SAS apart from the rest is that there are no fuel charges on Aeroplan awards. This is a rarity for the Aeroplan award chart.

Here is what a one way award would cost from Chicago to Frankfurt if you wanted to fly on Air Canada.



Here is what an award would cost from Chicago to Frankfurt if you fly on SAS.


The difference is a staggering $414.90!

In additional to all of this, SAS has begun renovating their business class product.

SAS announced yesterday that they will begin flying 2 new routes to the Unites States. The first route is Los Angeles to Stockholm. The second route is Miami to Copenhagen.

After this news below I have the complete list of routes SAS flies to the United States.

  • Los Angeles-Stockholm (Beginning┬áMarch 17th, 2016)
  • Miami-Copenhagen (Beginning Fall 2016)
  • San Fransisco-Copenhagen
  • Houston-Stavanger
  • Chicago-Stockholm
  • Chicago-Copenhagen
  • Washington D.C.-Copenhagen
  • New York-Stockholm
  • New York-Copenhagen
  • New York-Oslo

I plan on booking one of the SAS routes above for my vacation next May to Sweden/Norway. Let me know if you are planning on booking an SAS award with Aeroplan miles soon or if you have had any experience with flying SAS!


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