Message to Our (Lovely) TravelBeet Subscribers

Greetings from Cape Town!

You might be noticing a recent uptick in our published posts. We just settled down in a cute apartment in Cape Town for the month and are doing some serious catching up on our blogging.

Our bedroom for the month!

Just a heads up that you can expect to see about 2 posts a day (or sometimes more) for the next month or so.

Thanks for your patience! Let us know if you have any feedback (if you want to see a certain post, if you hate getting two emails a day…etc.)

Brit & Pete

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  1. Janice says: Reply

    Bring it on! I so enjoy them ???? And I recognize that restaurant on Koop street; it’s so nice to have been in the neighbor you are staying in????

    1. Janice says: Reply

      Correction- Kloof street.

      1. Brittany says: Reply

        And we’re so glad you saw where we’re living!

  2. Jerome says: Reply

    Yay!! I’m excited to hear about all your adventures!

    1. Brittany says: Reply

      Thanks so much for following along! 😀

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