Marriott Brisbane Review

We were lucky enough to spend both Christmas and our first New Year’s Eve at this hotel (our second New Year’s Eve was on Rarotonga). We had a 7 night Marriott certificate from when we redeemed a hotel and flight package. This is a category 6 hotel costing 30,000 Marriott Rewards points a night.

Marriott Brisbane Hotel

We decided to use one of our certificates at this hotel because with Brittany’s Platinum status, we could get free breakfast and have access to the executive lounge (including canapés and drinks in the evening). It was a bonus that Australia is an expensive country with food that we had little interest spending much money on.

The Hotel

The hotel felt a bit dated, but was still very nice. It has an indoor/outdoor pool that I don’t really know how to describe. It is inside, but 3 of the 4 sides of the pool are open to the outside. We never tried the pool because it was always swarming with children (probably because of the holidays).

brisbane marriott pool
Hotel pool swarming with children

It also looked like they have a decent gym. We never used the gym because the hotel is right next to the river, which has a really nice river walkway that we used to go on runs every day.

Hotel gym… also with some children…

The Location

The location is what really makes this hotel shine. It is right on the water and close to a ferry that can take you pretty much wherever you want to go in Brisbane. If you don’t know much about Brisbane, it is a pretty cool city that has a river cutting through the center of it. We were able to take advantage of the ferry stop next to the hotel a few times, including New Year’s Eve, which made getting around very easy.

River walkway next to the hotel

The Executive Lounge

I’ll be honest here. We spent a lot of time in this lounge. The lounge is not very big and some nights we had to wait a little bit before a spot opened up for us to sit down. I do not know if this is a fairly common occurrence or if the lounge was particularly busy because of the holidays.

We managed to go a whole week purely eating food from the lounge. We ate here for breakfast, came for a snack in the afternoon (bowl of cereal and fruit), and then ate the canapés in the evening as our dinner.

The breakfast was your normal selection of scrambled eggs, bacon/sausage, bread, cheese, yogurt, etc. It was not fantastic, but was very good considering we were not paying a dime for it! We found the canapés in the evening to be hit or miss. Some nights they were absolutely delicious while others were nothing to write home about. During both breakfast and canapés hour, the Executive Lounge staff did a great job replenishing the food when it ran out. However, a few times plates/cups ran out, which made people wait for a while. I have a feeling that the lounge was particularly busy because of the holidays and overall the staff did a great job.

Me enjoying some evening canapés dinner in the Executive Lounge


This hotel is an absolute steal when using points, especially if you have some status with Marriott that would get you Executive Lounge access. It is a nice hotel in a prime location in the center of Brisbane. If I were to visit Brisbane again and had the points to stay here, I would do so in a heartbeat. The hotel felt kind of like home after spending 7 nights. That was the longest we have ever stayed at the same place in our entire trip so far. It was a little sad leaving… especially because we were leaving at 3:30 AM on New Years Day to catch a flight…

Have any questions about the hotel? When hotels have you found to be sweet spots in Marriott Rewards?

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