Malta Expenses

We thoroughly enjoyed our 6 days & nights in Malta. Here is what we spent while enjoying the islands of Malta and Gozo. Prices include both of us.


Buses to hostel & Gozo ferry: $9
Buses to & from Ramla Bay: $6

Total: $14


Dinner at Parthenope: $80.46
Breakfast in Paceville: $21.69
Water & Gatorade at bus stop to the Gozo ferry: $2.50
Breakfast at The Diamond: $11.20
Dinner at Karolina: $47.64
Wine from grocery store: $12
Breakfast at The Diamond: $10.40
3 scoops of ice cream from Gelato: $5.80
More wine from grocery store: $10.19
Indian dinner: $42.47
Dinner at Sophia (Bulgarian) restaurant: $75.84
Breakfast from mini market: $5.40
Drinks at La Grotta: $4
Lunch at The Diamond (fish fry, pizza): $20
Pizza slices in Malta: $6.50

Total: $356.09


Hostel Hacienda Guesthouse for first night in Malta: $44.28
Airbnb for 4 nights in Gozo: $184
Airbnb for last night in Malta: $39

Total: $267.28


Sunscreen: 16.98
Xlendi Pleasure Cruise to Comino & Blue Lagoon: $39

Total: $55.98

Total: $693.35

Total Per Person, Per Day: $57.78

Things to Note

So, we balled out in Malta. Since we came from the Nordic countries, we were so ecstatic about the low prices…and it shows. Particularly the dinner charges.

We got two bottles of wine from Sophia. TWO! Highly unnecessary…and yet this was the best wine we’ve ever tasted. Seriously. Who knew Bulgaria made some fantastic wine?!

Pete got us award flights to Malta, which was one of the reasons we decided to come to this city.

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