15 Photos That Will Inspire You to Visit Japan

It’s hard to describe what makes Japan so quirky, so unique. To make it easier, we decided to show you – through pictures! Here’s a quick post of 15 photos to give you a taste of Japan that will hopefully inspire you to visit their fabulous country. Let us know if you like the concept […]

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Hyatting through Japan & Hong Kong

Two of our final destinations in Asia were Japan and Hong Kong, some of the more expensive places in Asia (and the world). We decided this would be a good use of our points. While researching, we found accommodation to be outrageously expensive. I’ll give a mini review of each hotel we stayed at, and then […]

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9 Nights in Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara & Osaka

As you may know, we were totally captivated by Japan and can’t wait to return some day. Here are some highlights of our 9 nights in Japan, including where we stayed, ate, and what we did. Tokyo Despite hearing so much about Tokyo from friends and media, there was no way we could’ve been mentally prepared for […]

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Tokyo to Kyoto: Planes and Trains

In this post, I’ll explain how we ended up getting from Tokyo to Kyoto and also explain the quickest way. We ended up doing a combination of flying and taking a train. It wasn’t the quickest way, but for us it was the cheapest. British Airways Avios I absolutely love British Airways Avios when it comes […]

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TravelBeet Monthly Recap: October 2016

We’ve been having a blast writing this blog. It’s a really great way of processing everything we’ve experienced, and documenting it helps us share our advice to a wide audience. One thing that frustrates me about blogging, though, is that I’m publishing posts from months ago. We will never be “caught up,” or posting real-time, because we need […]

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