Island Hopping in Coron: Beaches and Snorkeling

Coron is an adorable, sleepy little town in Palawan, an archipelago known for its gorgeous surrounding waters. As a tourist, there’s not much to do in Coron except go island hopping and scuba diving. Our hotel (Divine Castle Travelers Inn) set us up with JY Travel & Tours. We chose to do tours A and C; here’s what they were like.

Tour A


750 PHP/person ($15). Includes lunch, island fees, water, life jackets and a tour guide. Does not include a snorkel/mask, fins or water shoes. You can rent the snorkel & mask for 150 PHP ($3), and water shoes for 100 PHP ($2). The snorkels & masks were great quality; you definitely need some water shoes for this one.


This tour is actually more like 4 sites, but they advertise as 6 because two of the sites are basically beach & snorkeling combos.

Kayangan Lake

One of the most famous sites of Coron, this lake is known as the cleanest lake in Asia. To get there, you need to walk 300 steps each way; 150 up, and 150 down. When you get to the top, you’ll need to wait in line to take a picture with the most famous view of Coron as the background.

photo location in coron
Trying to be zen after waiting in line for this pic

This felt really touristy, but we forgot our annoyance once we got to the actual lake.

kayangan lake

It was crystal clear, much bigger than we expected, and very refreshing.

Atwayan Beach

atwayan beach

A white beach where we ate our lunch of fresh crabs, fried (whole) fish, seaweed, and eggplant salad.

lunch tour A coron

Pete and I mostly ate a super nutritious lunch of rice and soy sauce.

Quin Reef

The reef off of Atwayan Beach. We were not only unimpressed by this snorkel spot, but also disgusted by the waves of fuel floating around. The boats left their engines on while everyone snorkeled, which is not only unsafe, but also horrible for the environment. We snorkeled for only a few minutes before we climbed back on the boat.

CYC Beach

This felt like a real local spot. While the beach was not impressive, we had fun playing with the kids who were there.

Las Islas de Coral

A quick swim from CYC beach, this snorkeling spot was much better than the first.

Green Lagoon

green lagoon coron

This was our favorite spot of the day, but it probably had something to do with the fact that we were the only boat here and had the place all to ourselves. We had a blast jumping into the water from the boat, and watching our captain rock out to some serious house music.

The water itself was very interesting; one minute, you were floating in pretty warm waters, and the next you were icy cold! Our guide explained this difference in water temperature was because the fresh water coming from the land was much colder than the sea water.

Tour  C


1200 PHP/person ($24). Same inclusions apply as Tour A. Since this tour centers around beaches, we didn’t rent masks/snorkels and didn’t regret it.


Malcapuya Island

malcapuya island
Malcapuya Island is pure bliss!

This island blew us away; we could’ve stayed at this magnificent beach all day! From the crystal clear waters to the soft, white sand, this island is paradise. I probably would’ve stayed here all day if it was up to me.

Banana Island

banana island

Named for its resemblance to a banana leaf (not a banana fruit), this was where we had lunch. The beach was gorgeous, although not quite as impressive as Malcapuya. Warning: the waters here have territorial (read: biting) fish and giant clams, so be careful where you step!

Bulog Dos Island

bulog dos island view

I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but…this beach was also gorgeous. A quick hike will take you to a nice view of the sandbar.

Final Thoughts

We preferred Tour C over Tour A. We weren’t thrilled by the snorkeling in Tour A, and the beaches didn’t hold a candle to the ones in Tour C. However, if you’re not much a beach goer, you should probably avoid Tour C. If you really want to customize your tour of the islands around Coron, you can hire a boat for the day for about 4700 PHP ($90).

Have you been island hopping in Coron? Which tours were your favorite?

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  1. Caren says: Reply

    Wow, the beaches are absolutely beautiful! The water looks amazing and so do you!
    Love, Caren

    1. Brittany says: Reply

      They really were some of the best beaches I’ve ever seen! Thank you 🙂 xoxo

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