How to get from Tahiti to Moorea

Unless you have a private yacht or jet, if you are going to French Polynesia, you will be flying into Tahiti. Tahiti itself is not that great of a holiday destination and people often just stay there before or after their long international flights. Moorea is the island closest to Tahiti. We recently visited and here is the information I found useful for getting to this gorgeous island.

Option 1 – Fly

Air Tahiti flies a couple times per day from Tahiti to Moorea. The flight is only 15 minutes long and, if booked pretty far in advance, will set you back about $63. I am not even sure if it would be more or less convenient to fly compared to the ferry. In fact, I cannot think of a single reason to fly instead of taking the ferry. We also heard that the plane ride between the islands is pretty dangerous. There was an accident a few years ago in which everyone on the plane died. Since then, Air Tahiti has cut the number of flights between the islands. Therefore, you probably want to take the…

Option 2 – Ferry

There are two companies that offer a public ferry service between Tahiti and Moorea. The ferry takes about 45 minutes.

View of Moorea from the ferry


This company was the first player in town and has two different boats that go between the two islands. It costs about $13.50 for a one-way ticket. We found out that the locals do not like this company. Our Airbnb host told us a story about a little girl who forgot her return ticket when she boarded the ferry in Moorea to go in school in Tahiti. At the end of the day when she tried to take the ferry back, they wouldn’t let her board because she did not have a ticket. She did not have any money, so she could not purchase a new ticket. Even after her parents got on the phone and promised to pay the company once they landed in Moorea, the boat staff still refused to let the little girl board the boat. It was the last boat of the day and girl ended up being stranded in Tahiti for the night. Not cool.

I suspect they get most of their business because they allow people to book tickets online. This also is the company that comes up if you Google “ferry between Tahiti and Moorea.” These ferries never sell out. There is no reason to ever purchase your ticket ahead of time. You can find out more information about Armiti here. 


Selfie on the ferry

This is the new comer to the game. This company is also known as the red boat. It was recommended by our dive master in Cairns. They also have cheaper prices than their competitor. It costs about $10.50 for a one way ticket. For all the reasons I shared, this is the ferry we ended up taking. We found it to be great!

Terevau schedule

The only downside is that you cannot pre-purchase tickets online. You must buy your tickets at the ferry terminal. This is not an issue because these ferries never sell out. You can find out more information on Terevau here.


In case you couldn’t tell, I have a pretty strong opinion on how you should travel between Tahiti and Moorea. I think you should take the ferry because it’s cheaper and safer. Specifically you should take the Terevau ferry because it’s the cheaper and better company, approved by the locals.

Have any questions on getting from Tahiti to Moorea?

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