Hilton Sibiu Review

We had an amazing trip recently through Romania. Our last stop was Sibiu. I noticed there was a category 2 Hilton hotel costing only 10,000 points a night! I decided to book 2 nights and am very glad I did.

Getting There

The downside of this hotel is that it is actually pretty far away from the city center. It requires a bus. Luckily, there is a bus that runs from the train station, through the center of town, and then to the Hilton. We found this bus incredibly easy to use. The Hilton is the second-to-last stop on the bus and the bus runs every 30 minutes. If you stay here, the bus you’re looking for is bus 13. A one-way bus ticket costs 1.5 Lei. There is not a ticket kiosk machine at the Hilton bus stop, so make sure you buy 2 tickets before you head to the Hilton so you have another ticket to head back into town. The buses have ticket validating machines at all entrances.  Just walk onto the bus, validate your ticket, and sit back for a ~15 minute ride to the Hilton.

The Room

Thanks to my new Hilton Diamond status, we were upgraded to a “Hilton Executive Suite” and the room was insanely massive! This thing had an office, a living room, a huge bedroom, a big balcony, and not 1, but 2 bathrooms!

Living Room
Living Room
Desk Room (Office)
Bathroom #1
Bathroom #1
Bathroom #2
Bathroom #2


Since we were in an Executive room, we got access to the Executive lounge. The lounge was pretty unimpressive. We did use it to get free waters throughout our stay. The lounge did have some snacks in the evening, but they did not look appetizing enough for us to try them. Breakfast was included (maybe due to my status) and was served in the restaurant on the ground floor. The breakfast was pretty good and we were able to fill up enough so that we didn’t get hungry until dinner, which saved us some money!


Overall this hotel is a steal for only 10,000 points a night! The location issue is not that big of a deal because of how convenient the buses are in Sibiu. The only other thing that was not great about the hotel was the wifi; it was pretty poor. The room did have a wired connection that may have been better, but we did not have any devices that had an ethernet port to try it out. If you have any sort of status, you may get lucky and get upgraded to enjoy some added benefits! Let me know if you plan on visiting Sibiu and have any questions about the area or hotel. I would be happy to help!

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