Helsinki, Finland Expenses

Here’s what we spent during our 2 days & nights in Helsinki, Finland. Costs are in USD and include both of us.


Radisson Blue Hotel: free (on points)


Flight from Oslo (purchased in advance): $243.76
Ferry to Suomenlinna island: $11.37
Bus from hotel to airport (the machines were broken on our way in): $12.52

Total: $267.65

Food & Drinks

Dinner at Nepalese Restaurant: $66.86
Beers at Suomenlinna island: $15.01
Dinner at Barbarossa Pizza & Kebab: $11.37
Subway: $11.18

Total: $104.42

Total: $372.07

Total Per Person, Per Day: $93.02

Things to Note

Our cost per day was fairly high because of the cost of the flight to get here. (Oh, and it’s Finland…) Other than that, we did a pretty good job of keeping our expenses low, especially because we booked our hotel on points. You can read about that here.

We really enjoyed our beers at Suomenlinna island – you could only get that brew from there, which was sweet. Plus, we like our craft beer 🙂

The Nepalese restaurant called Satkar was amazing.

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