Go for AA status challenge? & EQP vs EQM

A week or so ago I was able to sign up for a status challenge offer for American Airlines. For a few hours this was open to anyone. This was supposed to be a targeted promotion. However, this week I received the confirmation email that I had been enrolled. Now I have to decide to do this or not!

This is the offer.



The piece to note here is that the promotion is based on Elite Qualifying Points (EQP) instead of Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM). EQM’s are generally easier to accumulate. EQM’s are awarded based on the distance you fly with AA. EQP’s are calculated as follows.


The problem is that most “great deals” you find on airfare is going to have an fare code that falls into the last Discount Economy bucket. This means that if use the cheapest fares it would take double the flying to get 25000 EQP than it would to get 25000 EQP. You can find the fare class right before you book on AA’s website.

In this example the Booking Code is “W” so I would earn 1 EQP per mile flown.

However, the advantage of EQP’s over EQM’s is that you can accumulate more with less flying because if flying in Business class or First class you get 1.5 EQP per mile flow. This means you can fly more comfortably to do this challenge but it may cost you a pretty penny.

I have already exausted the vacation days I am allowed this year. If I were to accept this challege I would have to do weekend “Mileage Runs.” I have never done a mileage run before and I am not yet sure if I want to do this or not. I have found a few cheap business class fares and I would reach 25000 EQP’s by spending a little under $2000 (taking into account the flight I already have booked with American in the challenge period).


The question is if AA Executive Platinum Status is worth it to me for $2000 and 2 weekends. Let me know what you would do or if you also got in on this status challenge!

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