Dell Deal Stacking: The Deal That Almost Was

The reason I became obsessed with miles and points is because I absolutely love getting a good deal. It gives me a thrill. One deal site I follow is SlickDeals. A few days ago I was alerted to a pretty good deal. Dell was having a sale on Xbox One S gaming consoles. They were selling them for $50 off and also giving away a $100 Dell eGift Card with the purchase. That in itself is a pretty good deal. I made it even better.

Amex Offers

I have written about American Express Offers before. They are an amazing benefit that I have used to score numerous discounts. An offer popped up in my account to spend $300 at Dell to receive 7,500 Membership Rewards (MR) points. Perfect timing! Since the Xbox was only $25o, I needed to find another item. I settled on a Phillips Hue starter set for $70, bringing my order to $320. That would be enough for me to be able to use my Amex Offer.


I have also written about portals before. They are another great tool to save yourself some money. I found that Ebates was giving 10% cash back for purchases at Dell! As a bonus, I was not a member yet and so I would get a $10 bonus on my first purchase. Going through the Ebates portal would give me $42 cash back for my purchase.

Adding it All Up

Spent: $320

MR Points: 7,820 (320 for the purchase, 7,500 for the bonus)

Dell eGift Card: $100

Cashback: $42

I have the Amex Business Platinum card so Amex MR points are worth at least 2 cents a piece to me. That gives me $156.40 worth of points after making this purchase. I have no idea what I would use the Dell gift card on. I’ll be generous and value that at $50. Adding those numbers to the straight cash back for the purchase would give me $248.40 cash back for making this purchase. That would bring down the total cost for the Xbox One S and Phillips Hue starter set to $71.60. That’s a fantastic deal!


For some reason, Dell decided to cancel my order. When I called them, they were unable to give me the deal because the promotion had expired. That’s pretty poor of them to say the least. I still have no idea why they cancelled my order in the first place. It’s probably a good thing; I didn’t really need either of those things, but it was a hell of a deal. Even if you didn’t want anything, you could have taken advantage of this deal and then sold your Xbox and made a profit. I was on the fence about if I was going to sell mine or not.

Reselling is an avenue that people have gone in order to rake in miles and points. It is likely one that I will dabble in once I return home to the States. This is an example of deal stacking that you can use in order to get points and make a profit. Remember to think about all of the ways you can save money when you make a purchase!

Have you scored any crazy deals lately? Let me know!

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