Deal Stacking in the Amazon

If you don’t already know, I love stacking deals for serious discounts. We are going to be in Iquitos pretty soon. Iquitos is a city in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon. It is not connected to the outside world by any roads. To get there you must either fly or take a boat. Pretty cool!

Well, we wanted to take advantage of that remoteness in the middle of the Amazon and do some sort of Amazon tour. ┬áThat’s when a bunch of deals lined up perfectly for us.

The tour we had been looking at went on sale. It was offering 25% off a double room if you book and travel by the end of May. That worked perfectly for us.

I then found out that if you are a first time user on Viator (a tour booking company), you can get 10% off of your first order. Perfect! That knocked the price further down from $690 to $621.

The final step was to see if I could get any cash back using a shopping portal. I went to CashBackMonitor to see which sites would gave me the most cash back for my booking. There were a couple of options.

CashBackMonitor Payouts

Top Cashback is one of my favorite cash back sites and they had the best payout. I headed to Top Cashback, logged into my account, and clicked over to Viator from my Top Cashback account. I then went about my business as usual and booked the tour. A few days later, I received an email from Top Cashback saying that they recorded my purchase at Viator.

My Top CashBack Viator Transaction

This 4% cash back will bring our price down another $24.84. This makes the whole tour cost $596.16.


The regular price for this tour would be $920 for two people. I managed to stack 3 discounts and get this tour for only $596.16 for two people. That is a discount of 35.2%! That is a huge discount for a tour that we were already planning on booking. I admit that we got lucky and that the tour itself went on sale for the dates we were looking to book. However, the 10% discount for first time users and the cash back from a cash back portal can be used by anyone anytime.

My message is the same as usual. Always be diligent in looking for ways you can score discounts on things you are going to buy anyways. Always remember to use portals!

Have you been able to score any great discounts lately?

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  1. Craig says: Reply

    Thank you! I had never heard of these cash back sites – I will definitely investigate them further!

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