Copenhagen Expenses

We’re going to let you guys in on all of our expenses, embarrassing or not, because we want to share how affordable (or not affordable) traveling can be! These posts will be under the “Travel Costs” category.
Here’s the breakdown of what we spent in our first country, the notoriously expensive Denmark, during our 2 days/nights in Copenhagen:

  • Air BnB: $117
  • Train from the airport: $10.85
  • Expensive dinner (had to celebrate our first night, right??) at Osteria 16, including 8 courses each & 2 glasses of rose: $119.43
    • this falls under the WHAT WERE WE THINKING?!?!?/delusional category
  • Train ticket to Sweden: $124.57
  • Bagels at iBagel: $23.89
  • Huge water bottle at 7-11: $4.13
  • Beers/ciders and a large bowl of the best fries we’ve ever had lunch at Kayak Bar: $28.22
  • Kebabs for dinner: $12.07
  • Croissants and sandwiches (breakfast & lunch) for the train ride: $7.85

Total: $448.01

$112 per day, per person. Not horrible, especially for Denmark, but definitely not sustainable.

A few things to note:

  • Dinner our first night was only $5 cheaper than the train tickets to Stockholm, Sweden
    • We got lucky and our train tickets were somehow half-price (super-saver sale!) when we bought them at the train station. Nevertheless, this was a good lesson to us that we need to change our “dining-out” habits quickly, or we will be broke as fast as you can say 8-course meal!
  • We spent wayyy too much on bagels/pastries the second morning because we waited until we were hangry and literally purchased from the first place we saw. Lesson: buy breakfast from local shops/street vendors, not from touristy-shops downtown, before you are feeling starving to save money, get a more authentic feel of the city, and be in a better mood.
  • image4
    Buy from here, a cute side-street

    …and not from here
  • Fill water bottles with tap water instead of buying bottled water! It’s delicious, environmentally friendly and free, and you won’t feel overly-American by flocking to the nearest 7-11.
  • Sometimes a mid-afternoon break for ciders & beers is exactly what you need when you’re sweating, cranky, and sore from walking 20,000 more steps than you’re used to (#humblebrag). In this case, spending $$ was most definitely worth it.
  • Small slice of heaven in Copenhagen - Kayak Bar
    Small slice of heaven in Copenhagen: Kayak Bar
  • Kebabs = our new best friend; we expect to eat many a kebab, especially in the pricey Nordic countries.

Stay tuned for our Stockholm expenses! To be honest, I’m way more excited to share those…we’ve been much more frugal already!

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  1. Janice says: Reply

    I love this way of logging travel-showing not only the picturesque photos- but the costs behind them. 🙂 This will be especially helpful with planning. I love that you are using mass transit, let us know what you think of that as well…(cleanliness, safely, accessibility, spending time with the locals, etc!).

  2. Will says: Reply

    I think it’s harder to track expenses too being on the kroner and not the euro. For some reason a bigger ratio on the exchange rate makes the money not seem as real. Ex 60 kroner for a drink vs 10euro.

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