Cook Islands Expenses: 5 Days in Rarotonga

Rarotonga, where we spent our time in the Cook Islands, wasn’t cheap. We saved a lot of money by grocery shopping instead of eating out at restaurants. Here’s how we spent our money during our 5 days in Rarotonga. Prices are in USD and include both of us.


Aremango Guesthouse: 323.44


Scuba Diving (2 Tank dive): 142.03


Bus: 8.60


Entrance & drinks for NYE at Sails: 30
Groceries: 30.39
Lunch at Silver Sands: 31.56
Lunch at Vili’s: 18

Total: $584.02

Total Per Person, Per Day: $58.40

We saved a lot of money by eating groceries and not drinking alcohol.

The only activity we paid for was scuba diving, and at $99 (NZD)/person, it was a great deal!

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