Chaos for Points – Hilton Perth Edition

I have a lofty (almost complete!) goal of staying 12 nights in luxury resorts on the island nation of Mauritius before we head to South America. To do this, I needed to get a bunch more Hilton points, preferably in Brit’s account.

That’s when an onslaught of Hilton promotions occurred. Hilton was:

  1. Offering triple points on stays booked through the app
  2. Offering 5,000 bonus points per stay when booking through the app and using a visa credit card
  3. Having a massive sale that included Australia

We still had not booked a place to stay in Perth, Australia and I noticed that the Parmelia Hilton Perth had a pretty good rate. It was going for $71.43 (including taxes) a night. I have Diamond status with Hilton and Brittany has Gold status. Both of these statuses get us free breakfast when staying at certain Hiltons. After some research, it looked like this hotel offered a great free breakfast to people of our status at their restaurant. I decided to jump on this deal.

The sane thing would have been to book 3 nights at the hotel under one of our accounts. However, this would not have allowed me to take advantage of the promotion they were having in which they were giving away 5,000 bonus points per booking when made through the app. I decided to book the first night with Brittany’s account, the second night with my account, and the last night with Brittany’s account. That way we could take full advantage of this promotion.

The first night was business as usual and we checked in per usual. When we have separate reservations, I usually inform the hotel when checking in so they can combine them and we don’t need to change rooms during our stay. This time I did not want to tell them because I feared combining the reservations could cause problems with the 5,000 bonus points per stay promotion.

The second day is where things started to get funny. After checking into my room, we moved our things from Brittany’s room to my room, which was a few floors down. After the big move, Brittany went to check out. After checking out, she proceeded to go directly back to the elevator to head back up to our new room. I have no idea what the hotel staff must have been thinking.

The next day, I got late checkout (3 PM) so we could explore for a bit without having to worry about being at the hotel mid day to do the check-in/check-out maneuver (I gotta trademark that term). Once we got back, Brit checked into her room and we moved our stuff from my room to her room. I went to check out of my room, then proceeded back to the elevator… I feel like that’s when the staff may have known that we were up to something. We had been checking in and out for days at this point. I didn’t care, since we weren’t doing anything wrong.

Was it Worth it?

I would say it was. It was certainly a hassle to worry about checking in and out every day, but we were able to earn way more points. We ended up earning 23,529 combined Hilton points for our 3 night stay. We should have even earned 1,000 points more. Gold members can choose if they would like breakfast or 1,000 bonus points. For our last reservation, we chose points because we were leaving before breakfast, but the agent incorrectly put our choice in the computer. If I simply booked the 3 night stay using Brit’s account, we would have only earned 12,365 points. We ended up earning 90% more points than we would have earned.

There were also added benefits of staying multiple times. For example, when checking in, Brit received a free coupon from her gold status that got us 2 free drinks at the bar. Then when I checked in, I received 2 free drinks and tapas thanks to my Diamond status. If we only had one reservation, then we would have only gotten one welcome gift.

This is another example of a way you can combine promotions at different times to earn a ton of points. Sure it was annoying as hell to check in and out of the hotel every day. But will I care when I’m chillin at the Hilton in Mauritius on points? Nope.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Janice says: Reply

    Great move! I have done same, only when traveling alone booking 2 different Hiltons in same city! (Hampton and Double Tree usually- easy in big cities in US) ( not as easy as elevator- but didn’t raise any eyebrows ) totally worth it ????

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