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  • 10 Reasons to Visit Thailand

    Thailand left us feeling completely smitten and hungry for more. Here are some of the reasons we absolutely will return to Thailand, and why this country should be on your list too! 1. Ease of travel The backpacker path is well-worn, which makes traveling around Thailand extremely easy. Getting around the country is very user-friendly. 2. Friendly […]

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  • Video of Palau

    Palau is an incredible place that has a lot more to offer than just scuba diving. Here’s a video of our experiences in Palau, not including scuba diving – we’ll make a separate video for that. We had a lot of fun making this video from our GoPro footage, both because we got to relive […]

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  • 5 Nights in Coron, Palawan

    After spending a pretty indulgent week in Boracay, Coron was the breath of fresh air we craved. Driving through its rolling hills and pastures teeming with life was extremely refreshing, as was its lack of major chain restaurants. Five nights was a lot in this small town; we could’ve seen it in less, but we […]

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  • TravelBeet Monthly Recap: October 2016

    We’ve been having a blast writing this blog. It’s a really great way of processing everything we’ve experienced, and documenting it helps us share our advice to a wide audience. One thing that frustrates me about blogging, though, is that I’m publishing posts from months ago. We will never be “caught up,” or posting real-time, because we need […]