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  • My New Best Redemption Ever

    I previously wrote about my most impressive mileage redemption ever. In that redemption I flew in Aer Lingus Business Class from Boston to Dublin for 25,000 points. That was a fantastic deal and, unfortunately, is no longer possible. A few months ago, we finished flying a redemption that tops even that redemption! We flew from Mauritius to Johannesburg […]

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  • A 25,000 Point Mistake

    This is a mistake I made that I’m still in disbelief about. I registered for IHG’s quarter 1 Accelerate promotion on December 15th, 2016. This was the first day you could register and I was excited about what my offers would be. I had some amazing offers. My Offers My offers allowed me to earn […]

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  • A Unique Status Benefit Goes Wild

    A few weeks ago, we flew from Bali to Singapore on KLM’s 5th freedom route. A 5th freedom route is a route an airline flies between two cities that are not located in that airline’s home country. I booked a cheap economy ticket through Expedia for the flight. Without even thinking about it, I gave them Brittany’s Delta Skymiles […]

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  • Getting to Palau

    Wow! We ended up having a few long, crazy days of travel to get to Palau. Where is Palau, you might ask? It’s a small island off the east coast of the Philippines and north of Indonesia. We decided to travel here for world class diving and we heard they have a unique species of […]

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  • British Airways Pricing Glitch?

    Introduction Early next year, we plan on spending about 2 months in southern Africa. When looking into award flights, I noticed what appears to be a British Airways Avios pricing glitch. The Oneworld alliance does not have great coverage in Africa. In southern Africa, however, they have decent coverage due to Comair, which is a […]

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  • Portals! Portals! Portals!

    This is something that I need to continuously tell myself in hopes that someday  I will remember to always use portals when online shopping to earn extra points. For those unfamiliar, shopping portals are sites that will award you points or cash back when you click through their site to reach another site to do […]