Cape Town Expenses

We’d heard that Cape Town was a very affordable destination, but we didn’t realize the extent of its affordability until we actually got there. And man, for the quality, this place is cheap! Even “fine dining” restaurants are extremely reasonably priced. Here is what we spent during our month (28 nights) in Cape Town. Prices are in USD and include the two of us.


AirBnb: 989

Total: $989


Flight from Joburg to Cape Town: 109.96
Ubers: 138.66

Total: $248.62

Food & Drink

Restaurants: 784.29
Bars: 69.47
Grocery stores: 263.28
Liquor stores: 62.71

Total: $1179.75


Kirstenbosch entry (for our Table Mountain hike): 8.60
Beach chairs at Clifton (twice): 24
Kirstenbosch concert: 25.92

Total: $58.52

Shopping & Misc.

HDMI cable: 11.51
Sandals (for Brit): 42.39
Shirt from H&M: 13.82

Total: $67.72

Total: 2,543.61

Total Per Person, Per Day: $45.42

Things to Note

So AirBnb is pretty awesome for longer stays. The AirBnb we stayed at offered a 40% discount on monthly stays, which was fantastic! You can also look for deals on weekly stays.

We took Uber pretty much everywhere: the airport, restaurants, the botanic gardens, hiking trailheads, the beach…you get the picture. Uber was extremely convenient in Cape Town. Unless it was surge pricing, it was pretty cheap. If you’re a girl traveling solo, I’d recommend paying a little extra for Uber Black, the professional drivers. If you want to save even more money, you can use the public bus system.

In terms of food, we usually cooked breakfast in the apartment and then went out for a big dinner. If you’re on a budget, an easy way to save money would be to cook most of your meals. Food from grocery stores, including produce (and even wine!) is really cheap. To see a list of our favorite restaurants, check out this blog post.

Most of our activities were free (beaches, hikes, walks), which was awesome.

Did our expenses from Cape Town surprise you at all?

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